Was She Wrong for Taking Her Friend’s Dog to a Shelter? People Responded.

Every time I read a story about a dog being taken to a shelter, it makes me sad…

Because it’s usually the fault of some human who turns out to be a bad pet owner.

So is this woman an a**hole for taking her friend’s dog to a shelter after it was left at her house?

Take a look at this story and see what you think.

“I’m 35 female, I have a friend, 32 female, who asked me to dog sit her poodle for 2 weeks while she was on vacation with her husband.

I had some rough batches with this friend before, but she paid me before had to take care of her dog, and my house is big, so I agreed.

I really like dogs, I had many throughout the years, and now I have one good golden boy named Dorado.

But I really h**ed this dog, peed everywhere, was destructive, picked up fights with Dorado, felt entitled to my food while having a full bowl untouched, and even s**tted on my bed. Out of all the places he could s**t, decided to s**t on MY BED.

After 2 weeks, I called my friend, expecting her to be back in town and come get her little monster back. She never answered, no text, no social media, nothing. After trying to reach her on Instagram, I got BLOCKED.

I waited, waited for her to appears in front of my door, but that never happened. I called her husband, also ghosted me.

After 10 days of being ghosted, I had enough, went to a shelter, and dropped the dog there. They won’t accept pet dogs into the shelter, so I said it was a stray dog.

I finally had peace at home, and one week later, my friend called me, saying that she was coming back for her dog.

I blow up at her, asking where the hell she was, and that I got tired of waiting, so I dropped the dog at a shelter.

She started fighting with me over the phone, saying that it was unfair, that I was putting her dog on danger, and that I could just have waited a little longer. I sent her the shelter address, and some days later, she said that was going to sue me because she had to buy her dog back (this shelter doesn’t sell dog, maybe she was charged an adoption fee).

She is making my life so much more dramatic right now, maybe I should have waited a few more days? Was I wrong for what I did?”

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This reader said she’s NTA at all.

Was She Wrong for Taking Her Friends Dog to a

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And another individual said they ghosted her and she should cut off all contact with them.

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This Reddit user said she’s NTA and if they decide to sue, she should counter-sue.

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