Warrior Nun (Netflix): a prequel to the series will be released in comics! – News Series

Warrior Nun (Netflix): a prequel to the series will be released in comics! – News Series

Adapted from a comic book, the “Warrior Nun” series will benefit from a prequel in comic book format, which will explore the grunge era.


If Warrior Nun found its audience on the Netflix platform, the adaptation of the comic book by Ben Dunn will soon experience an extension of its universe with the comics Warrior Nun: Dora. Launched on Kickstarter A few days before the series arrived on Netflix, this set-up was a resounding success with more than 10,000 dollars raised against the 2,383 needed to make the project possible. Pat Shand and Daniel Gete will be in charge of this prequel comic centered on another nun. The project describes the plot of this comics to appear as follows:

“In the 80s, the satanic panic of the 80s disappeared in favor of a new wave of young rebels from Pennsylvania. Dora, a grunge teenager from the 90s is at the heart of what looks like a dark ritual and finds herself sent in a secret school by her very religious parents. There, she is shocked to find a group of nuns fighting the forces of evil. But when a horrible undead threat comes to light, what will Dora do? “

The Netflix series takes place rather these days, supervised by the scriptwriter Simon Barry, who had created Continuum (2012-2015) and Ghost Wars for SyFy. Warrior nun tell how a young woman in her twenties wakes up in the morgue, alive, with an artifact implanted in her back. She discovers that she is a member of an ancient order which has given itself the mission of fighting demons on Earth.

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