WandaVision on Disney +: will the series introduce the Fantastic 4 in episode 7?

In WandaVision episodes 5 and 6, Monica Rambeau mentions a mysterious contact that may help her get into WestView. If we don’t know his name yet, fans think of Reed Richards, aka Dr Fantastic.

The arrival of the Fantastic 4 …

In Episode 5 of WandaVision, Monica and the SWORD search for a way to get into the Hex so they can talk to Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). The agent said at this point that he knew an aerospace engineer who could help him get back to WestView. If we still do not know the identity of this person, the young woman mentions it again between two lines in episode 6. But who is it?

For fans, most likely of Reed Richards, the leader of Fantastic 4, also known as Mr Fantastic (the elastic man). First thing to know: Marvel would indeed be developing a reboot of the franchise centered on these superheroes. Knowing that WandaVision is connected to Doctor Strange and Spider-Man 3, the series could also introduce this character to officially launch the film. In the comics, Reed Richards is considered one of the most intelligent men in the universe: he masters robotics, chemistry, time travel as much as… engineering. His knowledge could be invaluable for SWORD and for Monica, in order to control Wanda, whose powers seem to have increased tenfold.

Wandavision on disney +: will the series introduce the fantastic 4 in episode 7?

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In the 2005 film, it was Ioan Gruffudd who lent his features to Mr. Fantastic.

This article also recalls that the scientist in particular discovered “unstable molecules”, making it possible to create almost indestructible costumes which adapt to the powers of the person who wears it: they can stretch, catch fire, disappear…. Kind of like when Monica’s vintage clothes changed from her kevlar jacket to almost bulletproof (what if that’s the secret to entering Westview?).

Not to mention also that in episode 4, when Monica wakes up and returns to SWORD, she asks where is “astronaut training“. In the comics, the Fantastic 4 are exposed to cosmic rays during a space mission, which gives them their powers. Finally, last info and not the least: in the comics, Rambeau and Richards know each other … If all signs seem to point in this direction and that fans have guessed the identity of this mystery character, this would imply that he will appear in episode 7, expected next week on Disney +, in order to help Monica.

… Or the X-Men?

Evan Peters’ arrival on WandaVision rocked fans and changed the game by leading the way to the X-Men in the MCU. If this is confirmed, one could imagine that the scientist Monica speaks of is none other than Hank McCoy, aka Le Fauve (even if he is not an aerospace specialist). In the comics, this character was as much a part of the Avengers as the X-Men, and even joined the SWORD for a while. He also knows a certain Simon Williams who is a close friend of Vision!

Whatever happens, we will have to wait a few more days to discover the answer …

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Wandavision on disney +: will the series introduce the fantastic 4 in episode 7?

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