WandaVision on Disney +: what does the strange advertisement for episode 6 mean?

This is one of the darker sequences in episode 6 of “WandaVision”. What is behind false stop motion advertising? Light on its hidden messages.

Wandavision on disney +: what does the strange advertisement for episode 6 mean?
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Carried by a daring concept, the WandaVision series has been in the center of attention for several weeks. The program revisits the different decades of sitcoms by following the disturbing adventures of two leading characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). Each episode is accompanied by puzzles, theories – mainly fueled by the fans – but also cryptic false commercials. The latest, that of episode 6, arouses curiosity and many questions.

Darker than the previous ones, it is also the most original. If the other advertisements feature real actors, this one is made in stop motion (a cinematographic process which makes it possible to move inanimate objects, Editor’s note). Entitled Yo-Magic, it shows a hungry young boy stranded on an island. “I’m starving, I would eat anythinghe laments. His wish is granted when a shark jumps out of the water on a surfboard with sunglasses on his nose. He offers him a Yo-Magic yogurt. The boy agrees, but fails to open the operculum. Deprived of food, it turns into a skeleton as time passes and dies. “Yo-Magic! A snack for the survivors!“, ironically concludes the voice-over.

The mystery of a creepy advertisement

Despite its pop and bright universe – very faithful to the MTV spirit of the 90s – the advertising is shivering. It also contains several meanings. The first concerns the fate of Wanda. It is possible to imagine that the little boy symbolizes the heroine who, after losing her family, her brother and her beloved, is ready to do anything to rebuild a reality. Yet this artificial happiness will never fill the yawning and very real void of its existence. The ad may also confirm the hypothesis that Wanda is being controlled against her will by an as yet unknown antagonist. The latter uses his powers – “Your Magic“- and holds her prisoner in WestView. The much-desired yogurt can also illustrate the Infinity Stones.

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Another possible interpretation and simpler this time: the little boy symbolizes the life of the inhabitants of the town of WestView, locked up and actors in spite of themselves in the sitcoms of WandaVision. The series shows that on several occasions certain characters regain consciousness of their state for a few seconds, before leaving again under the influence of the one in control. So many questions that will perhaps find answers at the end of the plot.

Check out the trailer for “WandaVision”:

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