WandaVision on Disney +: is the Marvel series hiding another big villain?

In “WandaVision”, are the characters locked in a reality controlled by Scarlet Witch? But is the latter responsible for everything? Isn’t there a big bad guy lurking in the shadows? We take stock.

WARNING – The article below contains some spoilers on “WandaVision”. Because even if they are only theories, they are based on specific examples contained in the episodes. So please go your way if you are not up to date, to avoid taking the slightest risk.

Launching January 15 on Disney +, WandaVision follows the events of Avengers Endgame and chronicles the life of Wanda Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch, and her husband Vision. Said like that, the story seems trivial. Except that each episode is presented as a sitcom, allowing the series to multiply the references to My beloved witch, I Love Lucy or even Malcolm. And to install a reality that is at least strange, where color tears black and white at times, while certain situations create a feeling of unease. Especially when you know that Vision is supposed to be dead, killed by Thanos at the end of Infinity War.

Very quickly, we think the heroine played by Elizabeth Olsen victim of this situation in which she would have been plunged against her will. But the following episodes reveal to us that it is she who controls this apparently clean reality, after having recovered the corpse of her late husband, to offer herself a little happiness, she whose life has been marked by many deaths ( his parents, his brother, his spouse). And then no, finally. Because despite the notion of mourning, which regularly floated in the air, episode 7 reveals that her neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) is none other than the witch Agatha Harkness, and that she seems to be pulling the strings. But is she really alone? We can indeed think that she is acting on behalf of another villain. And three options emerge.


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He’s THE main contender for the series’ big bad guy, and many believe he’s been hiding there from the start, in order to give Wanda’s grieving story a Faustian feel. Because Mephisto, as his name can suggest, is the Devil of the Marvel universe. An evil entity who first appeared facing the Silver Surfer, before becoming the arch-nemesis of Ghost Rider. And to appear in the guise of Peter Fonda then Ciaran Hinds in the two films worn by Nicolas Cage. Capable of manipulating memories, altering time or even acquiring the soul of a mortal thanks to a pact, he may well have made a deal with the heroine, then easily manipulated, to allow him to find Vision. And have children.

In the comic books, it is with fragments of Mephisto’s soul that Wanda gives birth to her twins and unleashes her fury. Is it the same in the series? Doubt is more than allowed. Especially since this episode 6 in which Pietro describes his nephews as “children of the demon”. To underline their turbulent side, of course, but the response cannot be trivial on the part of a character who is in reality an Agatha puppet. Especially since the latter has, in the comic books, helped the demon with this pact story. As Vision began to understand and reject her companion’s designs, did she use the heroine’s brother to reframe things closer to her? If so, there is an element of episode 7 that could also help explain the reason why Evan Peters is reprising the role of Quicksilver in place of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, other than Marvel Studios’ desire to integrate the X- Men in his universe.

Wandavision on disney +: is the marvel series hiding another big villain?


What if this Pietro hairstyle, a tribute to comic books, indicated Mephisto’s “M”?

Because the word Nexus, at the heart of the false advertising for an antidepressant, refers once again to the notion of multiverse and parallel worlds. And it could well be that the book that Wanda sees at Agatha is precisely this Nexus allowing to link the realities between them, and thanks to which the witch would have gone to look for a Pietro living in the universe of the X-Men, to bring him in that of Scarlet Witch. Of her own accord or because she was ordered to? It is indeed not impossible that she offered us a major clue on the identity of her boss from episode 2: when Dottie explains to Wanda that “the devil is in the details”, Agnes adds “and not just there …” in a complicit tone. As if to indicate that Mephisto works behind the scenes, even that he was hiding in the skin of this neighbor played by Emma Caulfield and who seems to have disappeared from circulation since? Unless it’s the famous Ralph, his May that she keeps talking about but that we never see, and which could be more than just a running gag. In short, the more the weeks pass, the more the elements indicating the presence of the demon seem to multiply.

This would also explain why the series very quickly revealed its game, explaining from episode 4 that the reality we were observing was controlled by Wanda (but probably not created, because she says she does not remember it): for better give us another twist in a second step, with the real face of Agnes, and make another villain appear in the finale, while a rumor talks about Al Pacino, for a new hellish performance after The Devil’s Associate.


Wandavision on disney +: is the marvel series hiding another big villain?


Plausible at the end of the first two episodes, the theory then lost weight, before resuming in the sixth, where the word “nightmare” is more than once mentioned. As if to make us understand that it is this villain, also a demon, who is lurking in the shadows? One of Doctor Strange’s toughest foes, he rules the Dream Dimension and torments humans while they sleep, feeding on their psychic energy. Which stuck very well at the start of the story, when it was thought that Wanda was being manipulated by someone, and not that she was in control of this altered reality. Mephisto then took the lead in betting, before Nightmare made a comeback. Thanks in particular to this nightmarish vision of dead Pietro, which breaks the idyllic atmosphere of an American sitcom.

The option “It was all a dream” would be a bit far-fetched, especially with the presence of SWORD and the agents investigating outside the Hex before integrating it in the dying seconds of episode 6. But the possibility exists. Especially if the book of Agatha is indeed the Nexus of realities, which interweaves dimensions (that of the series and that of dreams for example), while WandaVision is supposed to pave the way for Doctor Strange 2 whose villain must be … Nightmare . In any case, that was the idea when Scott Derrickson was still the director, and we could then have imagined that the villain would use the mind of Scarlet Witch to open a door to our dimension and allow him to compete against the Sorcerer Supreme. But Sam Raimi, who replaced the director behind the camera, has not expressed the subject while filming is in progress. To better wait for the end of the series and not take the risk of spoilers?


Wandavision on disney +: is the marvel series hiding another big villain?


What if one mutant hides another? Now that the Quicksilver from the X-Men saga has made an appearance in the series, why not imagine that another character, linked to Scarlet Witch in the comic books, is doing the same? It is true that, on paper, bringing Magneto into WandaVision would be both huge and almost too big. But the option has gained momentum since the arrival of Evan Peters, with many plot elements reminiscent of the crossover. “House of M”, published in 2005 and in which Wanda creates an alternate reality after the disappearance of her children, conceived thanks to fragments of Mephisto’s soul, and her responsibility in the deaths of several of the Avengers. Including Vision.

A story in which Magneto, father of the superheroine, plays an important role since he is the ruler of the parallel world in which the plot takes place, and where the other mutants have been eradicated. Since the first images of WandaVision, many have noted possible links with “House of M”, which the episodes posted so far have only confirmed. Except that, if the notion of mourning is still present, Wanda would not be responsible for Vision’s death. And that it would serve more to bring the X-Men into the MCU than to kill them, as evidenced by the arrival of Quicksilver and the fact that the barrier that surrounds the Hex seems to alter the metabolism of those who cross it, Monica Rambeau on your mind.

Wandavision on disney +: is the marvel series hiding another big villain?


Wanda facing SWORD with Magneto methods

On the other hand, the more observant did not fail to notice that the way in which Wanda turns the weapons of Hayward’s soldiers (Josh Stamberg) against him is very similar to the way of Magneto, that he is embodied by Ian McKellen or Michael Fassbender. If Professor Xavier’s best enemy were to appear, two options emerge: an arrival from a parallel universe (thanks, again and again, to the Nexus which would have brought Pietro) to help the heroine face, for example, to Mephisto; or the possibility that he’s the one pulling the strings behind the scenes, from his own dimension, to help bring mutants into this part of the MCU. The Hex would then become as much a portal as a laboratory. Of the three hypothetical big villains for the series, this one is arguably the least likely right now, for lack of solid clues to its presence. But perhaps it is to better surprise us.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if another enemy was hiding in the shadows. The one who really did it all. And perhaps manipulated Agatha, ally of the heroine in the comic books, so that she controls the affair from the Hex, which would stick to Mephisto and Nightmare as well as Magneto. Finally, note that Elizabeth Olsen hinted at the beginning of February that a cameo as impressive as that of the finale of season 2 of The Mandalorian was to be expected. The announcement having been made a few days before the arrival of Evan Peters, it may be that the surprise has already passed. Otherwise, there is no shortage of candidates: Quicksilver in the guise of Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Captain Marvel, who will be linked to Monica Rambeau. Doctor Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch, whose second solo adventure will follow the events of WandaVision.

If this cameo were to be about the big bad, it would de facto eliminate Mephisto and Nightmare, so far unseen in the MCU, and open the door to Magneto. What is certain is that WandaVision has not yet revealed all of its secrets. And its repercussions on the entire Marvel universe (or multiverse?) Could be substantial.

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