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In an interview given in 2015 for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Elizabeth Olsen was already predicting part of the script for the WandaVision series she is headlining.

Warning this article contains spoilers on WandaVision.

The more the weeks go by, the more the WandaVision series gives us clues to what is really going on in Westview. After Episode 5 aired last Friday, one can be sure of one thing: Scarlet Witch has something to do with all of this. Does it do this consciously or is it controlled by a third person? If the answer is not yet very clear, we understand between the lines that our heroine created this world in order to be able to live there with Vision (Paul Bettany), the Avenger she loved so much and who was killed by Thanos: “I did it all for usshe reveals to him when the android begins to realize that something is wrong.

The storyline of Marvel Studios’ D + series seems to draw its inspiration from the House of M comics, in which the super-heroine gets out of hand. The Avengers then regroup to try to stop him and find themselves thrown into an alternate reality. And it is precisely these comics that Elizabeth Olsen talks about in this interview given to Screenrant for The Age of Ultron and which resurfaces today. The Wanda performer imagines what the rest of the story might look like for her character, while quickly brushing aside the idea that she deems far too dark for the MCU.

“House of M is my favorite story but that will never happen. She would have two babies and everyone would tell her that they don’t really exist. She would go crazy for it. But they would never do that, maybe they would be. be too dark. “

And yet what she tells strongly resembles the series of Disney +, by mentioning in particular the birth of the twins … Except that this time it is not because of them if Wanda lost the head, but because she couldn’t stand the death of the one she loves (and her brother shortly before). Monica confirms it in episode 5 when she tells how she felt when entering the Hex: “I had no more hope, as if I was drowning. Bereavement“.

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