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There are many theories on the internet around WandaVision, the first D + series from Marvel Studios. We’ve been picking up a few on Reddit.

WandaVision, the first Disney + series from Marvel Studios, is talking about her a lot. Between eater eggs, leaked info and theories, we can expect anything and everything. But some fans (of the movies and the comics) have dug up the subject, as evidenced by these posts that we unearthed on Reddit. A quick overview of the best theories.

Mephisto pulls the strings

First of all, who is Mephisto? In the comics, it is a demonic and immortal entity that is compared to the Devil. It has the ability, among other things, to change its shape, to project illusions or even to manipulate memories (here’s what). This Marvel supervillain is coming back to the mouths of many fans. According to them, it’s Mephisto who pulls the strings and who controls Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). Evidence shows that she has no control over the narration: she becomes pregnant overnight, during a conversation. But why, you will ask? To get their hands on her two twins, who seem to have developed powers even before they were born. Vision (Paul Bettany), which is therefore ultimately an illusion (since he was killed by Thanos) created by Mephisto in order to contain the red witch and make her believe that she is pregnant with him.

Babies already have powers

We all remember episode 3 of Wandavision, in which Wanda gives birth to two little boys. In the comics, she gives birth to two twins, fruit of her love with Vision, whom she names Thomas and William. She afterwards finds out that they are in fact illusions that she has created unconsciously. In House of M – an alternate reality – his twins are said to have reincarnated in the characters of Billy and Tommy, two members of the Young Avengers who possess the same powers as Wanda and Pietro.

During this short period of time when the young woman is pregnant, she does not seem to control her powers: it rains when she loses the water, the animals (butterflies and the stork) come to life, the objects start to move … And if it wasn’t from her but from the twins? A theory (read in the comments) which makes sense when you think back to Billy aka Wiccan, who can notably levitate objects and Tommy, who has superhuman speed.

Wandavision on disney +: 5 fan theories around the series - news series on tv

Disney +

What if this was all just a simulation?

For other spectators, Wanda would be at the heart of a simulation, which has nothing to do with a possible alternate reality. She would have agreed to participate in an experiment, which she controls halfway. Which could explain the famous flashbacks and cuts that we see on the screen. The goal ? Create some kind of artificial intelligence. If this fan does not give any hypothesis on the person or people who would be behind all this, he still thinks that Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) is in cahoots and that she makes sure to occupy our heroine to activate the simulation (by visiting him, taking him to discover his neighborhood etc).

Why the sitcom?

This is the main question we ask ourselves while watching the series and probably one of its biggest mysteries. Why do Wanda and Vision end up in a sitcom? According to this spectator, the name of the city Westview (which could be translated as “view from the west”) is not trivial. When she was young, Wanda watched American sitcoms and she recreated a kind ofamerican way of life where she would live happily with her husband. “West” would refer to the fact that she is from Sokovia. Its powers being what they are, they would come to feed this alternate reality where the two Avengers evolve. It would also join the idea that the young woman would have imagined a world where Vision is alive so as not to go mad.

Any clues hidden in advertisements?

Each episode of WandaVision is cut by an advertisement. A way for the writers to slip in easter eggs (references to Stark Industries and Hydra) but not only. If we listen carefully to the lines, we realize that they more or less refer to Wanda like the one in episode 3 “Escape into a world just yours where your problems vanish “. If we apply this phrase to our superheroine, it would support the above-mentioned hypothesis that she created a world from scratch in which Vision is still alive. The Hydra logos also remind us that it is this organization that gave it its powers.

But some fans go even further by formulating an even more interesting theory: what if the couple that we see regularly in these pubs were the parents of Wanda and Pietro? They are never mentioned in the MCU, because in the comics their father is none other than Magneto. The X-Men owned by Fox (long before the takeover), Disney could not integrate this character into their universe. If these two recurring characters are not his parents, they could still have an important role in the series.

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