Wanda and Vision, Han and Leia … 8 couples like no other to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Disney +

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate love in the company of couples who have melted the hearts of spectators on the big screen. From Wanda and Vision to Leïa and Han Solo, these lovers continue to charm us on the Disney + platform.

Wanda Maximoff and Vision (Avengers / WandaVision)

Before being the stars of the WandaVision event series on Disney +, which begins with the two lovebirds settling in the idealized suburb of Westview, Wanda Maximoff and Vision met on the big screen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And they are definitely an unusual couple, since one of the two lovers is not even truly human. Vision is indeed an android occupying a synthetic body originally created for Ultron, into which Tony Stark transferred the JARVIS artificial intelligence. Despite this significant detail, the two Avengers have forged a unique bond over the difficult trials they went through alongside other Marvel superheroes.

Princess Leïa and Han Solo (Star Wars)

He is one of the most legendary couples in cinema and in the Star Wars universe! Birds of feather flock together, right? Yet it is quite the opposite for the arrogant smuggler Han Solo and the determined Princess Leia, whom everything seems to oppose their debut on screen in Star Wars, episode IV: A new hope. Their differences, however, do not prevent them from falling in love with each other. From their love will be born a certain Ben Solo, alias Kylo Ren, who will unfortunately follow more in the footsteps of his grandfather than those of his parents. That doesn’t take away from the affection viewers have for this couple, whose separation revealed in The Force Awakens has broken the hearts of many.

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Gus and Hazel Grace (Our Fault Stars)

Speaking of a broken heart… It’s hard to hold back a touched thought when referring to the couple formed by Hazel Grace and Gus in the touching drama Our opposite stars. It must be said that their meeting in a support group for cancer patients was not a good omen. However, this does not prevent the two lovebirds from living their love fully, despite the obstacles in their path. Thanks to Gus’ devastating humor and Hazel Grace’s cynicism, their story is unlike any other. An overwhelming romance that reminds us again and again to enjoy every moment.

Anna and Kristoff (Frozen)

As for the Disney animated classics, viewers are used to seeing the heroine of the film find love in the arms of a prince or a sometimes more unexpected character like the thief Flynn Rider in Rapunzel. If this sentimental quest has often been one of the main subjects of the first feature films of the franchise, it is now generally relegated to the background. In the popular Frozen, it is not Princess Elsa who falls under the spell of a man, but her little sister Anna. After a disastrous relationship with Prince Hans, it is with the endearing Kristoff that she finds comfort. Unlike usual love at first sight, their story takes time to develop, starting first with a genuine friendship between the two characters.

Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner (Pirates of the Caribbean)

If some spectators hoped to see Elizabeth Swann succumb to the charms of the inimitable Jack Sparrow, the first minutes of Pirates of the Caribbean already sent us in a completely different direction. Kidnapped by the cursed crew of the Black Pearl, the young woman indeed presents herself under the name of Elizabeth Turner to protect herself, in reference to the famous Will saved from the seas by the Swann family during her childhood. This leaves little in doubt about the two characters’ upcoming relationship, although some will argue that nothing is ever taken for granted.

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Neytiri and Jake Sully (Avatar)

Aficionados have been waiting impatiently for the next installments in the Avatar saga for more than ten years now, and among the big questions that have long plagued the minds of fans: will Neytiri and Jake always be together? If their first meeting did not bode well, the Na’vi finally agreed to teach the Terran the habits and customs of the Omaticayas clan. The particularity of Jake Sully is that he does not evolve in his own body on the planet Pandora: his mind has been transferred into a Na’vi body thanks to the Avatar program. He is however ready to do anything to push back the Terrans when they decide to attack the people of Neytiri. A beautiful proof of love from the former Marine.

Maria and Captain Von Trapp (The Song of Happiness)

While fiction often makes more than one dream, reality can sometimes be an invaluable source of inspiration for some of the finest love stories in cinema. Inspired by the autobiography of Maria Augusta Trapp, The Melody of Happiness won over viewers with its unforgettable melodious tunes, picturesque settings, but not only! In contact with Maria, the authoritarian Captain Von Trapp (played by the late Christopher Plummer) begins to soften and takes pleasure in spending time with his children. A romance that does not rhyme only with love, but also with family. To protect their own, the Trapps will even go so far as to leave their native country.

Roger and Anita (101 Dalmatians)

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The family, Roger and Anita are familiar with this concept as well. If they are not parents in 101 Dalmatians, the two lovebirds are still the happy masters of an impressive range of Dalmatians. It is also thanks to their pets that they met. Desperate to find a companion for Roger, but also for him, the dog Pongo takes his master on a trip to the park where he tries in vain to attract the attention of the two Londoners, before dropping them into a pond. Both generous and benevolent, Anita and Roger would do anything for their four-legged accomplices, and even welcome more Dalmatians!

For Valentine’s Day, find all these couples on the Disney + platform.

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