Walking Dead: which characters will survive the series?

Even before the third part of the final season of “Walking Dead” airs, here are which characters are guaranteed not to be killed by the end of the horror series!

The third part of the final season of walking dead, whose filming was completed a few weeks ago, will be broadcast at the end of the year, exclusively US+24 on OCS Choc. Fans of the horror series are therefore preparing to say goodbye to the program, after eleven seasons of good – but also less good – and loyal service.

Farewells are certainly on the agenda, but remember that several spin-offs have already been ordered by the American channel AMC. This is particularly the case of Tales of the Walking Deadan anthology that will introduce new characters, but will also bring back characters well known to fans of the franchise, like Alpha Whisperer.

But that’s not all, since two new series have also been announced by AMC: Isle of the Deadand a unnamed spin-off centered on two iconic characters from the universe walking dead. Here are which characters are therefore guaranteed to survive at the end of the final episode of the eleventh season of the show!


Walking dead: which characters will survive the series?

Absent from the comics walking dead, Daryl appeared in the show’s first season and it didn’t take long for the character to become a fan favorite. Loved by fans, his lively skinned personality filled with tenderness makes Daryl the ideal partner to have on his side in the event of an apocalypse.

After Rick’s departure during the ninth season, Daryl was promoted to the show’s main character; that the latter will soon be the hero of his own spin-off, the title of which is not yet known.


Walking dead: which characters will survive the series?

Like Daryl, Carol appeared on the show from the first season. Although the character died as early as the Woodbury Prison arc in the comics, Carol has remained in the series to the point of becoming a prominent protagonist, going from a puny, harmless character to a genuine badass warrior. -ass.

Loved by fans, the character embodied by Melissa McBride will continue his adventures alongside Daryl since the two characters will be the headliners of the spin-off, whose title could be revealed by the time the final of walking dead


Walking dead: which characters will survive the series?

Appearing in the series from the second season, Maggie is still considered a major character in the program despite her absence for several seasons, her interpreter Lauren Cohan having decided to join the cast of another series (the spy comedy Whiskey Ridercanceled at the end of its first season).

Maggie’s journey has been filled with obstacles and traumatic episodes. Seriously marked by the death of her husband Glenn, the young woman has established herself as a charismatic leader for the community of La Colline, coupled with a protective and affectionate mother towards her son, Hershel. The end of the Walking Dead series will not mark the end of its story since it has been confirmed that Maggie will be the heroine of a spin-off titled Isle of the Dead whose action will take place in Manhattan.


Walking dead: which characters will survive the series?

Viscerally hated by Maggie, Negan will nevertheless be the companion of the latter in the series Isle of the Deadwhich is expected to be released sometime in 2023.

Introduced in the series as the leader of the Saviors, Negan was initially a bloodthirsty villain, assassin of several emblematic heroes like Glenn and Abraham. After losing the war to Rick Grimes, Negan was taken prisoner, before beginning his redemption by assassinating the leader of the Alpha Whisperers and then becoming a full member of the survivor group.

Now at the head of a new community, Negan is married to newcomer Annie (the couple are also expecting a happy event). His early reconciliation with Maggie opens the door to unexpected new plot twists by the end of the series, but the former Savior’s survival is already guaranteed due to his presence in the spin-off. Isle of the Dead.

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