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The main actors, writers and producers of Walking Dead talk to our microphone about the challenges of the final season of the horror series, to be followed every week on OCS Choc and the OCS on demand platform.

The creators, producers and main actors of The Walking Dead have agreed to talk to our microphone about the challenges of this third and final part of the final season of the horror series, to be followed every Monday exclusively on OCS Choc and on the OCS platform on demand.

What can we expect with this new season and the new threats facing our protagonists?

Angela Kang (showrunner): Walkers are getting more and more agile and fast and our heroes will have to outdo themselves to survive. They will have to change and adapt their combat strategy. As you know it will be the last season and it is therefore important, after so many years, to find a conclusion that will satisfy everyone.

Greg Nicotero (Special Effects Manager, Director): I wouldn’t say walkers have acquired any kind of intelligence, but either way they’ve evolved and they’re much more dangerous than before.

Scott Gimple (producer): Most other shows like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad have five or six seasons. With us, it was over eleven seasons that we had to work. It was a long-term job and it was not easy to renew ourselves one last time for this season which concludes the saga of The Walking Dead.

Having grown up with the zombie movies of George A. Romero, I’m so proud to have made zombies even cooler with our series. This series is truly a testament to human genius wishing to survive at all costs and all the sacrifices that entails. Moreover it is always very stressful to make a final season because we remain days on the impression left given by the last episode of the series.

Usually, people judge a series as a whole on that last impression of the last episode. I hope we won’t disappoint you and that you will keep a positive image of our series.

Walking Dead end of the series spin off… the creators tell

Is this really the end of the series or will the end be opened up to announce future spin-offs?

Scott Gimple: No, it’s really the permanent end of this group of protagonists facing the walkers. We have not planned an ending that will make you think that we are preparing other spin-offs. This is really the conclusion of this saga which lasted eleven seasons.

Angela Kang: I think you will be satisfied by this end which will not leave you hungry. But like the comics, there is always the opportunity to start another story. This story that we have been telling for eleven seasons will in any case be well and truly over.

Over the years your character has evolved, what is the character trait you like the most about him or her?

Norman Reedus (Daryl): His honesty. He is a character who is not afraid to say what he thinks loud and clear. He is honest and upright.

Josh McDermitt (Eugene): I think Eugene’s great quality is his big heart, and his empathy. This was not the case when you met him, he was rather very selfish. I believe that today he is ready for any sacrifice to save his friends.

Seth Giliam (Gabriel): Honesty is also his best trait. But Father Gabriel is a resilient person, but also capable of getting angry. He always wants to do what seems right and he will do anything for it.

Lauren Ridloff (Connie): Connie is incredibly firm. I am impressed by her bravery and how she never runs away from danger. She is very strong.

Cailey Fleming (Judith): Judith never gives up and fights at all costs for her family. I admire his tenacity.

Michael James Shaw (Mercer): My character is so loyal it’s barely bearable. Sometimes he doesn’t realize the danger and his lack of ability to really face the challenges of the moment. But his commitment to ensuring everyone’s survival is admirable.

What memories will you keep of these eleven seasons of The Walking Dead?

Lauren Cohan (Maggie): After all these years what will remain with me is this community that we have formed between all these actors, these technicians, these screenwriters and our directors and producers. Our community is what keeps us going, keeps our humanity intact. There is nothing more important than human relationships and that is the message of this series. Otherwise we would all end up being zombies.

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