Our favorite South London places to run, bike and walk, presented in partnership with Apple Watch

With international travel still looking very precarious, we decided to ditch vaycay and embrace staycay, and spend more time here in London. We may live and work here, but there is so much city that we don’t see regularly and now is the time to make things right. We use Apple Watch to make it easier to explore different parts of the city and to provide the soundtrack while we do it.


The area near the O2 arena may not scream “ interesting place for a walk, ” but the Greenwich Peninsula is actually home to London’s first riverside linear park. The Tide has 9m high raised walkways, wooden bridges and ‘stepping stones’, all lined with native trees and wildflowers. Plus, the route is dotted with public artwork, including sculptures by Damien Hirst and Allen Jones. We like to think we know a thing or two about art, but we certainly asked Siri for more information on the ride’s facilities. Since Apple Watch also receives calls, messages, and notifications, we can leave our iPhone in our bag and focus on the beauty around us.


We may have to make our way through a lot of tourists, but running along the river on the South Rim is worth the extra effort as these views never get old. We’re running east of Lambeth Bridge so we can get The Shard and Tower Bridge in an iPhone photo (plus London, Southwark, and Millennium Bridges also light up at night as part of the Illuminated River project). Getting the perfect gram takes a bit of stopping and starting, but if we ever forget to start recording our run in the Workout app, Apple Watch detects when we are running and sends us a little reminder to start a workout. . It even counts the work we have already done before touching down to keep our stats on point.


We love discovering parts of the city that make us feel like we are no longer in London and the Wandle Trail is one of the best. The 14 mile trail follows the River Wandle from where it joins the Thames at Wandsworth to Croydon, and passes through many nature reserves and parks, so it’s all very Zen. The Compass app helps us stay on track on the trail and then we can easily switch to Apple Maps when we reach the end at Croydon – no more going around in circles trying to find our way! We’re also known to grab a pint before heading back to town, and using Apple Pay on our wrist means there’s no need to carry extra luggage on the bike.

Apple Watch Series 5 is available on apple.com, from £ 399.

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