Walk in the shade on France 2 at 2 p.m .: what happens to Sophie Duez, the dancer with whom Gérard Lanvin falls in love? – Cine News

Walk in the shade on France 2 at 2 p.m .: what happens to Sophie Duez, the dancer with whom Gérard Lanvin falls in love? - Cine News

“Marche à l’ombres” is broadcast this afternoon on France 2. On this occasion, we look back at the way in which Sophie Duez obtained the role of Mathilde, the dancer, and on the career of the actress.

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Michel Blanc’s first production, Marche à l’ombre sees François, a tired backpacker, arrive in the port of Marseille. An outstanding musician, he is determined to exploit his talent in Parisian studios. Denis, inseparable companion and negative of François, is a great specialist in anxiety and keeps moaning. Given what awaits them in Paris, he is not ready to stop …

On the occasion of the film’s broadcast this afternoon on France 2, we look back at the way in which Sophie Duez was chosen to play Mathilde, the dancer with whom Gérard Lanvin falls in love, and on her career.


Gérard Lanvin and Sophie Duez

Originally, Michel Blanc had written the role of the dancer whose character François falls in love with Mathilda May. An actress he admired enormously but who, a few months before filming, contacted him to tell him that she had been chosen to star in the horrifying sci-fi film Lifeforce, the evil star of Tobe Hooper ( director of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

White therefore told her to seize the opportunity, as she did not have the main role in Walk in the shade. The director / screenwriter therefore met several dancers and came across the Michel Drucker show in which Patrick Bruel (who will be in the casting of the film) sang “Fed up with this girl”. Around him was Sophie Duez, who was a chorister and danced a little. Michel Blanc remembers:

“I say to myself” It’s her! “I have her researched, we try it out and I fall madly crazy. It’s funny, because we wrote the role for one person, and on arrival it was is another one who plays it. “

Michel Blanc: From Splendid to his César, his career scrutinized in a biography

With this first role in a film that has worked very well in theaters (not far from 6.2 million admissions in France!) And for which she is nominated for the César for best female hope, Sophie Duez then appears in Je hate the actors of Gérard Krawczyk, A thorn in the heart of Alberto Lattuada, Public safety of Gabriel Benattar and In extremis of Olivier Lors.

In 1990, the actress replied to the great Robert Mitchum in the thriller Suspected dangerous, then privileged television where she played in many TV movies, like La Camorra de Sténo, Flics de choc, Commandant Nerval, etc. In the police series Quai n ° 1, she played Commissioner Marie Saint-Georges of the special brigade of trains and borders, from 1997 to 2001.

In the theater, we saw Sophie Duez in several prestigious plays, such as “Ruy-Blas” by Victor Hugo, “Festen” by Thomas Vinterberg (directed by Daniel Benoin), “Master Puntila and his valet Matti” by Bertolt Brecht, “The bald singer” by Eugène Ionesco or “Amphytrion”, “The Jealousy of the smeared” and “The Flying Doctor” of Molière.


Lambert Wilson and Sophie Duez

Sophie Duez is also very involved in politics, more particularly in the socialist party: she is for example part of the support committee of Lionel Jospin during the presidential elections of 2002, is elected municipal councilor of Nice in 2008 (his hometown), or still is responsible (in the 2010s) for several missions related to ecology.

In terms of cinema, even if Sophie Duez has been scarce since the late 1980s, she is in the cast of the buddy film Barbecue in 2014 (where she plays Lambert Wilson’s wife) and the comedy Half-Sisters in 2018. At the same time, the actress plays a recurring role in the series La vengeance aux vies clair clear (2016 – 2017), where Laëtitia Milot is investigating the death of her parents.


“Michel Blanc, on a misunderstanding” by Alexandre Raveleau, editor: Hors Collection

“Cinema secrets” by Bruno Cras, Plon

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