Voguing Against All Odds: Photos of the Superheroes Ball

Last week we had the absolute pleasure of co-presenting the first Voguing Ball IRL in Berlin since the lockdown. It was hosted by the lovely David Milan who already gave us the great Pride Ball and Ocean Ball last year which we also covered. The venue was once again the Säälchen in Holzmarkt – it’s just the perfect venue for a ball of this size!

The theme of this ball was Superheroes which was without a doubt the most specific and playful theme of the series. Of course, there were a lot of classic superheroes and villains like Spiderman and Catwoman. But the call to participate asked people to be creative, so you could also see everyday heroes such as nurses, single mothers, activists – we even saw the first presidential candidate. trans.

As we are still living in a pandemic, the circumstances of the event were quite different: usually more than 1000 people show up for these balls, but to comply with the legal security measures in force this time, only the participants and a few others. members of the house were allowed. in the room. Regular spectators were able to attend a professional live broadcast of the ball, either in the comfort of their own home or during the public viewing at Neuzeit Ost in collaboration with Mobile Kino. Distancing and masking rules must also be observed which was difficult during performances when the energy of the voguers took over, but I think the crowd did a pretty good job of complying.

It was a great ball, with a lot of breathtaking performances, great international participants and a powerful audience. Of course, we’ve taken some impressions for you which you can enjoy below!

Just like the previous balls hosted by David Milan and the Voguing Germany team, this was another for a good cause. All proceeds from the sale of tickets for the public screening event as well as donations went directly to the LGBTQI + Lambda BB eV organization which supports queer youth in Berlin and Brandenburg.

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