VOD: what movies to watch this week from October 3 to 9?

Vod: what movies to watch this week from october 3 to 9?

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.


Available on VOD on October 4, 2021

Martín, virtuoso pianist and Argentinian composer, comes out of a stay in the psychiatric hospital. Absorbed by the creation of his next work, he tries to face his illness and to find a life in society. With the prospect, one day, perhaps, of performing again in front of an audience.

Mother and daughter

Available on VOD on October 5, 2021

Leaving to make a living in Germany, Jasna returns to Croatia to visit her mother Anka, who resists time, illness and the aspirations of those close to her. But Anka, suspicious and cantankerous, insists on keeping her authority and does not accept anyone’s presence. Between the two women then begins an intimate struggle, filled with memories, emotions and an incessant strength to live.

Madame Nobel

Available on VOD on October 5, 2021

1876. Seeing with a dim view his proximity to their son Arthur, a wealthy family decides to remove Bertha, his tutor, by sending her to Paris. The young woman meets Alfred Nobel, a renowned chemist who built his fortune on the invention of dynamite. Impressed by Bertha’s culture and free spirit, Nobel made her his secretary, then soon his friend. Left to join Arthur in the Caucasus, Bertha begins a correspondence with Nobel, nourished by the story of the ravages of the war which she witnesses. Then germinates in Nobel’s mind an idea that will change the course of history …


Available on VOD on October 5, 2021

They were called to Algeria at the time of the “events” in 1960. Two years later, Bernard, Rabut, February and others returned to France. They were silent, they lived their lives. But sometimes it takes almost nothing, a birthday, a gift that fits in your pocket, for forty years later, the past bursts into the lives of those who thought they could deny it.

Gold for dogs

Available on VOD on October 6, 2021

End of summer, Esther 17, ends her season in the Landes. Chilled with love for a boy who had already left, she decides to hit the road to find him in Paris. From the southern beaches to the walls of a religious cell, the inner journey of a young girl today.

The Bouchetrous

Available on VOD on October 6, 2021

Have you never heard of the Bouchetrous? Yet these astonishing creatures, as clumsy as they are playful, spend peaceful days on an island lost for millions of years. Until the day when strange creatures land on their island: humans! Leaving their island, the Bouchetrous go on an adventure and tumble into huge cities, discovering this curious human civilization, and its pets. Will the Bouchetrous let themselves be tamed by these funny humans?


Available on VOD on October 6, 2021

The life of young Ibrahim is divided between his father, Ahmed, a torturer at the Royal Opera brewery, serious and reserved, and his friend from technical school, Achille, older than him and a specialist in bad shots. It is precisely because of one of them that Ahmed’s dream of regaining dignity is shattered when he has to settle the bill for a theft committed by his son that has gone awry. Relations are strained but Ibrahim then decides to take all the risks to repair his fault …

Tokyo Shaking

Available on VOD on October 7, 2021

Tokyo, March 11, 2011: a tsunami ravages the coast of Japan, threatening to destroy the Fukushima power station. Alexandra, who recently worked for a French bank in Tokyo, finds herself at the heart of this crisis. Torn between the orders of her management and the desire to protect her family and colleagues, Alexandra tries to come to terms with the situation and finds herself, almost in spite of herself, defending a certain idea of ​​honor.

I wanted to hide

Available on VOD on October 7, 2021

Expelled by the Swiss institution that looked after him at the end of the First World War, Antonio finds himself in Italy against his will. Unattached, living in great poverty, he clings to his reason for living, painting which he practices as an autodidact. Little by little, from the public to the critics, his “art” will shake up academicism. The incredible and true destiny of Antonio Ligabue, one of the masters of naive painting alongside Rousseau and Séraphine de Senlis.

Fisherman’s Friends

Available on VOD on October 7, 2021

Danny, a hip London music producer is heading to Cornwall for a bachelor party. When his boss and friend challenges him to get local fishermen to sign a contract for an album of sea shanties, Danny falls for it. Far from his urban landmarks, he tries somehow to gain the trust of this improbable boy band, who gives more importance to friendship than to fame.


Available on VOD on October 7, 2021

1981, Nicholas is 16 years old, like all young white South Africans of his age, he has to do his military service for two years. During this period, the South African government, white, racist and segregationist, carries out a foreign policy which aims to fight the communists and die swart gevaar: “the black danger”. Nicholas is sent to the front in southern Angola to defend the apartheid regime. He then tries to survive both the horrors of war and the brutality of the army.

The Last Hillbilly

Available on VOD on October 9, 2021

In the Appalachian Mountains, eastern Kentucky, people feel less American than Appalachians. These inhabitants of rural white America have experienced the economic decline of their region. In the United States, they are called “hillbillies”: bumpy, hillbillies. The Last Hillbilly is the portrait of a family through the words of one of them, a surprising witness to a world in the process of disappearing and of which he is the poet.

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