VOD: what movies to watch this week from June 13th to 19th? – Cinema News

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

Under the stars of Paris

Available on VOD on June 15, 2021

For many years, Christine has lived under a bridge, isolated from all family and friends. On a night like it only exists in fairy tales, a young 8-year-old boy bursts into his shelter. Suli does not speak French, he is lost, separated from his mother … Together, they go in search of him. Through the streets of Paris, Christine and Suli will get to know and tame each other. And Christine to find a humanity that she thought had disappeared.

Maria Montessori – A life in the service of children

Available on VOD on June 15, 2021

Rome, 1892. Maria Montessori, a young medical student, struggles to find her place in a man’s world. To be accepted, she has to be the best, never showing signs of weakness. She meets a young and fascinating teacher, Giuseppe Montesano. Together, they begin to work on a project to help retarded and abandoned children, and secretly live a great passion. But they are not married, and Maria becomes pregnant: their illegitimate child must be hidden in order to avoid a scandal. As she finds herself unable to raise her own child, Maria decides to continue fighting for her ideas and for the education of all children …

The 800 Brigade

Available on VOD June 16, 2021

1937: Shanghai is surrounded by the Japanese army. Eight hundred Chinese soldiers have taken refuge in a warehouse in the heart of the city, and refuse to give up the position. Then begins the fight of their lives, they who became the heroes of a nation …

The Divorce of my funny ones

Available on VOD June 17, 2021

Romy has not seen her father or her paternal family since her parents’ divorce 10 years ago and lives a close relationship with her mother, founder of the “LOL” brand. In the midst of an existential crisis, Romy decides to go to her father, who is bipolar, in Brussels, and to investigate the reason for her parents’ divorce. But this investigation into the traces of the past will explode the unspoken. A liberating adventure between Shoah, family secrets and a fierce desire for life.

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