VOD: what films to watch this week from October 17 to 23?

Vod: what films to watch this week from october 17 to 23?

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

Night doctor

Available on VOD on October 19, 2021

Mikaël is a night doctor. He treats patients from difficult neighborhoods, but also those whom no one wants to see: drug addicts. Torn between his wife and his mistress, drawn by his pharmacist cousin into a dangerous traffic in fake Subutex prescriptions, his life is chaos. Mikaël no longer has a choice: tonight, he must take his destiny back in hand.


Available on VOD on October 19, 2021

On the borders of rural Bulgaria, Petar crosses the seasons and the times of his humble life: work, the land, the sheep… Away from the world of men, he follows his path and accepts his destiny without regret.

The Trip

Available on VOD on October 20, 2021

A couple on the verge of breaking up decides to isolate themselves in a heavenly cabin on the edge of a lake. Under the pretext of reuniting, the two in fact share, without knowing it, the same will: to kill the other. As they each search for a way to carry out their respective plans, unexpected visitors enter the house. They will have to put their grievances aside to get rid of them …

200 Meters

Available on VOD on October 20, 2021

Mustafa on one side, Salwa and the children on the other, a family lives apart on either side of the Israeli Wall just 200 meters away. They resist every day with all the cunning and tenderness necessary to “live” like everyone else, when a serious incident upsets this ephemeral balance. To find his wounded son on the other side, the father embarks on an odyssey through the checkpoints, passenger in an underground minibus where the destinies of each come up against the most absurd obstacles.

The 2 Alfred

Available on VOD on October 20, 2021

Alexandre, a declassified unemployed person, has two months to prove to his wife that he can take care of his two young children and be financially independent. Problem: The Box, the very friendly start-up that wants to hire him on a trial basis, has the dogma: “No child! », And Séverine, his future superior, is a« killer »with an eruptive character. To get this job, Alexandre must therefore lie … Will the meeting with Arcimboldo, “entrepreneur of himself” and king of odd jobs on apps, help this valiant and confused man to overcome all these challenges?


Available on VOD on October 20, 2021

Malik and Aaron move in with the latter’s daughter to an apparently more progressive neighborhood. From the first days in this new home, Malik witnesses strange behaviors from his new neighbors, domestic attacks of a homophobic nature.

Hostage Game

Available on VOD on October 21, 2021

Single father and former Marine, Kyle Snowden, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. He is having a hard time readjusting to life. Soon, Kyle finds himself, along with a group of innocent customers, trapped in his stepfather’s store during a hostage-taking by an activist, Eagan Raize. Disturbing details emerge of Eagan’s violent vendetta against Kyle’s stepfather, MP Sam Nelson, threatening the lives of everyone present, including the MP and Kyle’s young daughter.

The Roots of the World

Available on VOD on October 21, 2021

In Mongolia, Amra’s father, leader of the last nomads, opposes international mining companies looking for gold in the steppes. After his death in a tragic accident, his son undertakes to continue his fight but with the means of a 12-year-old boy …

On board

Available on VOD on October 21, 2021

Paris, one evening in August. A boy meets a girl. They are the same age, but do not belong to the same world. Félix works, Alma goes on vacation the next day. Never mind. Félix decides to join Alma at the other end of France. By surprise. He takes his friend Chérif on board, because two of them are funnier. And since they don’t have a car, they make the trip with Edouard. Obviously, nothing goes as planned. Can it be otherwise when you take your dreams for reality?

Bloody Milkshake

Available on VOD on October 21, 2021

Sam is still just a little girl when her hired killer mother Scarlet is forced to abandon her to protect her. Many years later, Sam followed in her late mother’s footsteps and herself became an outstanding contract killer, working for the Firm. One evening, while on a high-risk mission, Sam finds himself faced with a dilemma: staying loyal to the Firm, or saving the life of an eight-year-old girl. Then begins a supercharged run that will lead Sam to find his mother and his former associates. Mother and daughter united again, Sam and Scarlet will then engage in a merciless struggle against a formidable common enemy.

The Percy Affair

Available on VOD on October 22, 2021

The film is based on the 1998 lawsuits by Percy Schmeiser, a small town Saskatchewan farmer against large conglomerates when GMOs were discovered in his rapeseed crops. As he denounces their business practices, he realizes that he represents thousands of other disenfranchised farmers around the world who are fighting the same fight.


Available on VOD on October 22, 2021

Leipzig, East Germany, 1989. During the summer, Sophie, Fritzi’s best friend goes on vacation with her beloved dog, Sputnik. At the start of the school year, Sophie is absent and her family has disappeared. With Sputnik, Fritzi sets out to cross the border illegally to find the one they miss so much. A dangerous … and historic adventure!

An ordinary spy

Available on VOD on October 23, 2021

1960. A modest English trade representative, Greville Wynne finds himself plunged into the heart of the Cold War. At the request of MI-6 and the CIA, he forges an alliance as secret as it is perilous with Soviet colonel Oleg Penkovsky. Objective: to provide the necessary information to the West to avoid a nuclear confrontation and to defuse the Cuban missile crisis. He then began a series of trips back and forth between London and Moscow, taking more and more risks …

Gallant Indies

Available on VOD on October 23, 2021

It is a first for 30 dancers of hip-hop, krump, break, voguing… A first for the director Clément Cogitore and for the choreographer Bintou Dembélé. And a first for the Paris Opera. By creating a dialogue between urban dance and lyrical song, they reinvent together Jean-Philippe Rameau’s baroque masterpiece, Les Indes Galantes. From rehearsals to public performances, it is a human adventure and a meeting with political issues that we follow: can a new generation of artists take the Bastille today?

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