VOD: what films to watch this week from December 5 to 11?

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

Here today

Available on VOD December 6, 2021

A writer who slowly loses touch with reality befriends a young street singer.

Laila in Haifa

Available on VOD on December 7, 2021

One night, in the port area along the railroad tracks in Haifa, a city in northern Israel. It is there, between Mount Carmel and the Mediterranean, that the Club is installed, a place that attracts every night all that Haifa and its region have night owls. In this region contaminated by hatred and violence, the club is a refuge for all those who do not want to be locked into ready-made categories, whether they are men or women, gay or straight, Jewish or Arab. , Palestinians or Israelis. Through a moment in the life of five women, a whole human microcosm unfolds, multicolored, intense and contrasting, between encounters and love breaks, affirmations and hesitations, commitment and indifference, truths and lies.

Fathers profession

Available on VOD on December 7, 2021

Emile, 12, lives in a provincial town in the 1960s, alongside his mother and father. The latter is a hero for the boy. He was alternately a singer, footballer, judo teacher, parachutist, spy, pastor of an American Pentecostal Church and personal advisor to General de Gaulle. And this father will entrust him with dangerous missions to save Algeria, such as killing the general.


Available on VOD on December 7, 2021

Nour has just been hired as a nurse in the chemical plant where her father works, a union delegate and a lifelong hub of the company. While the factory is under full sanitary control, a journalist is leading the investigation into waste management. The two young women will gradually discover that this factory, pillar of the local economy, hides many secrets. Between lies about polluting discharges, doctored medical files or concealed accidents, Nour will have to choose: keep quiet or betray his father to bring out the truth. WATCH THIS FILM

Dear friends !

Available on VOD on December 7, 2021

A provincial town in the south of the USSR in 1962. Lioudmila is a fiercely devoted public servant to the Communist Party. Her daughter decides to participate in a strike at a local factory and events take a tragic turn. The authorities cover up the violence of the repression. Lioudmila then embarks on a desperate quest in search of her missing daughter.


Available on VOD on December 7, 2021

Florin Iespas is an irascible police inspector with an imposing physique who manages to comply with the law to achieve his ends. Determined to solve a case involving the death of two women burned alive, he is convinced that a young Romanian has committed the irreparable. Faced with the refusal of his superior to continue the investigation and the mistrust of his colleagues, the policeman hatches a convoluted plan in order to corroborate his intuition, while fighting against his own demons.

Bambi, a new woman – long version

Available on VOD December 8, 2021

From her earliest childhood in Algiers, Marie-Pierre only wanted to dress in a dress and stubbornly refused her birth name: Jean-Pierre. At 17, her life was turned upside down when she discovered the review of a transvestite cabaret on tour: the Carrousel de Paris. In a few years, she became “Bambi”, a legendary figure in Parisian cabarets from the 50s and 60s. By collecting the testimony of one of the first French transsexuals, Sébastien Lifshitz continues the work started with “Les Invisibles” and traces the fate of an extraordinary personality. WATCH THIS FILM

One More Jump

Available on VOD December 8, 2021

Abdallah, a professional athlete, managed to escape Gaza. His friend Jehad still lives there. There he trains young athletes for whom sport remains the only space tinged with hope in the midst of conflict. Should you leave to fulfill your dreams or stay to fight for your country? The question forms the common thread of this moving story about personal achievement.


Available on VOD December 8, 2021

Sam and Tusker have loved each other for 20 years. Aboard their old motorhome, they visit friends and family and return to the places of their youth. Since Tusker has become seriously ill, all of their plans have been put on hold. Time is running out and being together is now the most precious thing. However, this last trip will put their love to the test.

Summer white

Available on VOD December 8, 2021

Rodrigo, a lonely teenager, has a strong relationship with his mother. Things change when she invites her new boyfriend to come and live in their house on the outskirts of Mexico City. Rodrigo must decide if he can accept this new family or fight for his throne, crushing the happiness of the person he loves most.

From low floor

Available on VOD December 8, 2021

Mehdi, in his thirties, is a small-scale chest piercer. With his accomplices, he tries to get out of it but their burglaries in an industrial zone no longer pay off as before and the few professional alternatives available to him do not appeal to him. In full questioning, he tries to win back Sarah, mother of his one-year-old son whom he adores.

Crock of Gold

Available on VOD on December 9, 2021

A cinematic journey in the life of Shane MacGowan, Julien Temple’s film “Crock of Gold” details Shane’s explosive existence, from his youth in Ireland, to the infamous streets of London to the punk scene. We learn about MacGowan’s passions, his humor and his deep knowledge of music, history, spirituality and popular culture. Because that’s Shane’s story. A view of the world through the eyes of the great punk poet himself and the intimate circle of close friends and family.

What is this grandpa ?!

Available on VOD on December 11, 2021

Aurore, the craziest granny has a spectacular fall during a frenzied dance. She loses her memory and finds herself recovering in a nursing home. She only speaks of a mysterious Gégé… who could be her youthful sweetheart and bring her back to her senses. Her seven grandchildren decide to make the wall to make their grandma escape. They set off across France in search of the one they believe to be their Grandpa. But when Grandma meets Grandpa… The family is not at the end of its surprises!


Available on VOD on December 11, 2021

Pil, a little orphan, lives in the streets of the city of Roc-en-Brume. With her three tame weasels, she survives by going to steal food from the castle of the sinister regent Tristain, who usurps the throne. One fine day, to escape the guards pursuing her, Pil disguises himself by putting on a princess dress. Here she is then embarked in spite of herself on a mad and delirious quest to save Roland, the heir to the throne victim of an enchantment and transformed into… chapoul (half cat, half hen). An adventure that will turn the whole kingdom upside down and teach Pil that nobility can be found in each of us.

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