VOD: what films to watch this week from December 12 to 18?

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

The Mitchell’s against the machines

Available on VOD December 14, 2021

Katie Michell, a passionate young girl with boundless creativity, is accepted into the university of her dreams. When she had planned to take the plane to settle at the university, her father Rick, a great nature lover, decides that the whole family should accompany her by car for a memorable road trip and enjoy of a moment all together. Overly positive mom Linda, eccentric little brother Aaron, and deliciously chubby pug Monchi join Katie and Rick on the ultimate family trip. But the Mitchell’s program is suddenly interrupted by a tech rebellion: All over the world, popular electronics – from phones and home appliances to innovative personal robots – are deciding it’s time to take control. . With the help of two dysfunctional robots, the Mitchell’s will have to overcome their problems and work together to get out and save the world!

Onoda – 10,000 nights in the jungle

Available on VOD on December 15, 2021

End of 1944. Japan is losing the war. By order of the mysterious Major Taniguchi, the young Hiroo Onoda is sent to an island in the Philippines just before the American landing. The handful of soldiers he trains in the jungle soon discover the unknown doctrine that will bind them to this man: the Secret War. For the Empire, the war is about to end. For Onoda, it will end 10,000 nights later.

The Nest

Available on VOD on December 15, 2021

In the 1980s, Rory, a former broker turned ambitious entrepreneur, convinced Allison, his American wife, and their two children to leave the comfort of an affluent suburb of the United States to settle in England, his country of birth. . Convinced of making a fortune there, Rory rents an old mansion in the countryside where his wife can continue to ride. But the hope of a lucrative new start quickly fades and isolation gradually cracks the family balance.

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Available on VOD on December 15, 2021

Berlin, today. Francis, 30, is a refugee from Guinea-Bissau who finds himself in the German capital after illegally crossing the Mediterranean on a boat. The only survivor of the trip, he soon realizes that earning a living honestly as a stateless, undocumented refugee is virtually impossible. Francis first tries to stay on track, even after meeting German drug dealer Reinhold, and thus finds himself sucked into the underworld of Berlin.

North Bac

Available on VOD December 16, 2021

2012. The northern districts of Marseille hold a sad record: the area with the highest crime rate in France. Pushed by its hierarchy, the North BAC, a field brigade, constantly seeks to improve its results. In a high-risk sector, the cops adapt their methods, sometimes crossing the yellow line. Until the day when the legal system turns against them …

Be careful at the start!

Available on VOD December 18, 2021

Missing the train is ugly. So seeing him leave with your children and those of your friends for whom you are responsible, that’s another story … That of the crazy chase of Benjamin, papa hen a little overwhelmed and Antoine, fantastic grandfather, who must find a solution before we learn… that they have lost the kids! Catching up on the train is their only chance to catch up …

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