VOD: what films to watch this week from August 22 to 28?

Vod: what films to watch this week from august 22 to 28?

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

The Unloved

Available on VOD on August 24, 2021

Our planet is teeming with life, and it is up to us to save it. But can this protection exist or be effective even when we ignore the role and functioning of most species, or worse, some scare us? This program of 4 short films shows with gentleness and tenderness the universe of some of these “unloved” to whom tales and legends or simply prejudices have unfortunately given a bad reputation.


Available on VOD on August 25, 2021

Arturs is a young Latvian boy. The anniversary of his 17 years marks, in 1915, the intensification of the fighting with the German army of the Kaiser which progresses on the territories of the Russian Tsar. The family lives peacefully on a country farm when the war breaks out. The young man engages with his father, a retired sergeant, and his brother.

Sons Of Philadelphia

Available on VOD on August 26, 2021

Philadelphia. Thirty years ago, Michael’s family took in Peter after his father’s death, under opaque circumstances. Today, Peter and Michael are two little thugs with opposite temperaments. One is as violent and exuberant as the other is taciturn. When Michael is designated as “embarrassing” by the Italian Mafia “, the family’s troubled past resurfaces …

Towards the battle

Available on VOD on August 26, 2021

Around 1860, Louis, a photographer, managed to convince a general of the French army to send him to Mexico to take pictures of the colonial war that was raging there. On the spot, lost between the lines, always out of time, Louis is unable to find the fights and take the slightest shot. His meeting with Pinto, a Mexican peasant to whom he will link his destiny, will lead him to discover, not fame and money, but a way to face the ghosts of his past.

Joey & Ella

Available on VOD on August 26, 2021

When Joey, a baby kangaroo, accidentally finds herself embroiled in a jewelry theft case, she is separated from her mother for the first time. Alone and scared, she takes refuge with Ella, a young girl who has also had to deal with the disappearance of her mother. Ella will try everything to find Joey’s mother before thieves and a zealous detective find her trail.

Princess Europe

Available on VOD on August 26, 2021

During the 2019 European election campaign, Bernard-Henri Lévy sets out to travel around Europe with a play written and performed by him. The film follows the indefatigable defender of the EU along the roads of twenty intertwined countries, and the director decides to leave theaters and palaces, to meet thoughts and faces.


Available on VOD on August 26, 2021

A young woman wakes up in a tube full of deadly traps. In order not to die, she will have to keep moving forward …

Ellie and Abbie

Available on VOD on August 27, 2021

Ellie has a crush on her classmate Abbie and seeks the courage to invite her to the prom. Fortunately her aunt Tara, who died 20 years ago and a seasoned lesbian, reappears like a good fairy to give her lots of advice and guide her through the tribulations of her first love.

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