VOD: what are the films to see this week from February 27 to March 5? – Cinema news

Vod: what are the films to see this week from february 27 to march 5? - cinema news

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

Last Night in Soho

Available on VOD February 27, 2022

LAST NIGHT IN SOHO tells the story of a young woman passionate about fashion and design who mysteriously manages to return to the 60s where she meets her idol, a dazzling young rising star. But the London of the 60s is not what it seems, and time seems to be falling apart with dark repercussions.


Available on VOD February 27, 2022

Vincent and Sophie are butchers. Their business, like their couple, is in crisis. But their life will change dramatically the day Vincent accidentally kills a militant vegan who ransacked their shop… To get rid of the body, he makes a ham that his wife accidentally sells. Never had ham been so successful! The idea of ​​starting over could tickle them…


Available on VOD February 27, 2022

A composer in search of inspiration, who has just left his wife and children, thinks of finding refuge in an old house on the side of a cliff, on a desert island in Brittany. In this strange and isolated place, he will only find a piano out of tune and visitors who are determined not to leave him in peace.

Everything smiles at us

Available on VOD February 28, 2022

Everything smiles on Audrey and Jérôme. They have three wonderful children and they are passionate about their jobs. For a weekend, they go their separate ways… With their respective lovers. Except that they have the same idea: to go to their country house. When they come face to face, it’s an explosion. Then Audrey’s parents arrive, then their children and finally her sister. The quartet has no choice but to play comedy to keep up appearances. But very quickly the varnish and the nerves crack…

Nine Days

Available on VOD February 28, 2022

In a house far from civilization lives a solitary man. He decides to interview potential candidates who all represent the personification of the human soul.

Drive My Car

Available on VOD March 1, 2022

Still unable to recover from a personal drama, Yusuke Kafuku, actor and theater director, agrees to stage Uncle Vania at a festival in Hiroshima. There he meets Misaki, a reserved young woman assigned to him as a driver. As they travel, the growing sincerity of their exchanges forces them to face up to their past.

The Unknown Prodigy

Available on VOD March 2, 2022

During the Second World War, the Simmonds, a well-to-do London couple, and their son Martin took in the young Dovidl, a violin prodigy of Jewish origin, who had left behind his family in Warsaw. At first suspicious, the two boys end up forming a brotherly bond together, so that once the war is over, nothing seems to be able to separate them. But on the eve of his first concert, Dovidl mysteriously disappears. Then begins a long investigation for Martin, which will take him to all continents, and plunge him into the depths of great history.

If we sang

Available on VOD March 2, 2022

Quiévrechain, industrial city in the north of France. After the closure of their factory, Franck, passionate about French variety, decides to train his former colleagues, Sophie (with whom he is secretly in love), José (who sings like a casserole), and Jean-Claude (former manager who is a little too proud ) in a slightly crazy project: setting up a company delivering songs to homes, SI ON CHANTAIT! Retirements, birthdays; by dint of resourcefulness, they begin to have more and more requests. But between songs, tensions and delivery problems, false notes will be hard to avoid!

The divide

Available on VOD March 2, 2022

Raf and Julie, a couple on the verge of breaking up, find themselves in an emergency department close to asphyxiation the evening of a Parisian demonstration of the Yellow Vests. Their meeting with Yann, a wounded and angry demonstrator, will shatter everyone’s certainties and prejudices. Outside, the tension is mounting. The hospital, under pressure, must close its doors. The staff is overwhelmed. The night will be long…

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