VOD: what are the films not to miss the week of September 4 to 10? Doctor Strange…

VOD what are the films not to miss the week

What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

my afghan family

Available for digital purchase September 2, 2022 and on VOD September 6, 2022

Kabul, Afghanistan, 2001. Herra is a young woman of Czech origin who, out of love, decides to leave everything to follow the one who will become her husband, Nazir. She then becomes the witness and the actor of the upheavals that her new Afghan family experiences on a daily basis. By lending her European woman’s perspective, against a backdrop of cultural and generational differences, she sees, at the same time, her daily life shaken by the arrival of Maad, an unusual orphan who will become her son…


Available on VOD September 4, 2022

Antoine, a young Parisian suburbanite, studies accounting without much conviction, dividing his time between the rap battles he practices with talent and his job as a sushi delivery boy. During a trip to the Opéra Garnier, his path crosses that of Mrs. Loyseau, singing teacher in the venerable institution, who detects in Antoine a raw talent to hatch. Despite his lack of lyrical culture, Antoine was fascinated by this form of expression and was convinced to follow Mrs. Loyseau’s teaching. Antoine has no choice but to lie to his family, his friends and the whole city for whom opera is a bourgeois thing, far from their world.

Infinite Storm

Available on VOD September 5, 2022

While climbing Mount Washington in New Hampshire, an experienced climber decides to turn back before the summit because a storm is approaching. But on the way down, she meets a lonely, lost and inexperienced man. Progress is difficult, night falls and the storm is getting dangerously close. In order to survive, it’s a real race against time for our makeshift duo.

In the shadow of girls

Available on VOD September 6, 2022

Luc is a renowned opera singer. In the midst of a personal crisis, he agrees to lead a singing workshop in a detention center for women. He quickly finds himself confronted with the difficult temperaments of the inmates. Between good conscience and personal quest, Luc will then try to offer these women a semblance of freedom.


Available on VOD September 6, 2022

In Australia in the mid-1990s, Nitram lives with her parents, where time passes between loneliness and frustration. While offering his services as a gardener, he meets Helen, a marginal heiress who lives alone with her animals. Together, they build a life apart. When Helen tragically disappears, Nitram’s anger and loneliness resurface. Then begins a long descent that will lead him to the worst.

Passengers of the night

Available on VOD September 6, 2022

Paris, 1980s. Elisabeth has just been left by her husband and has to take care of the daily life of her two teenagers, Matthias and Judith. She finds a job in a night radio show, where she meets Talulah, an idle young girl whom she takes under her wing. Talulah discovers the warmth of a home and Matthias the possibility of a first love, while Elisabeth invents her path, perhaps for the first time. All love each other, struggle… their life started again?

A world

Available on VOD September 6, 2022

Nora enters primary school when she is confronted with the bullying of which her older brother Abel is the victim. Torn between her father who encourages her to react, her need to fit in and her brother who asks her to remain silent, Nora finds herself caught in a terrible conflict of loyalty. An immersive dive, at the height of a child, into the world of school.

Employee / Boss

Available on VOD September 6, 2022

A small farm owner, concerned about the health of his baby, tries to combine his personal life with his time-consuming work. For his soybean farm, he recruits an 18-year-old young man who urgently needs to earn money to support his recently expanded family. One day a terrible event occurs on the plantation.

Don Juan

Available on VOD September 7, 2022

In 2022, Don Juan is no longer the man who seduces all women, but a man obsessed with a single woman: the one who abandoned him…

The Empire of Silence

Available on VOD September 7, 2022

For twenty-five years, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been torn apart by a war largely ignored by the media and the international community. The victims number in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. The perpetrators of these crimes are innumerable: rebel movements, but also armies, those of the Congo and neighboring countries… All seem caught up in a vertigo of killings, for power, for money, to monopolize the wealth of the Congo with impunity and general indifference. Traveling the Congo camera in hand for thirty years, Thierry Michel has witnessed the fighting, the suffering but also the hopes of the Congolese people. Relaying the plea of ​​Doctor Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize, and in the continuity of his previous film The man who repairs women, it traces the sequences of this merciless violence which has ravaged and ruined the Congo for a quarter of a century.

Sword Master

Available on VOD September 7, 2022

The third master of the sword mansion, considered the most powerful swordsman in the country, has grown tired of the violence that reigns in the world of martial arts. Fleeing the bloodshed, he pretends to be dead and wanders on the fringes of society leading the life of a vagrant. But soon, his past catches up with him: the master swordsman will have to fight again to hope to find the peace he longs for…

Little Flower

Available on VOD September 8, 2022

Marriage, love and family life are great adventures that José and Lucie live. Until the day when boredom sets in. Lucie then consults a shrink to save their relationship. For his part, José comes to see me, me, Jean-Claude, their neighbor. Together we are launching a new therapy. Toast, dance and play murderer every Thursday: the new recipe for happiness!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Available on VOD September 9, 2022

In this new Marvel Studios movie, the Marvel Cinematic Universe unlocks and pushes the boundaries of the Multiverse even further. Journey into the unknown with Doctor Strange, who with the help of mystical allies old and new, traverses the mind-bending and dangerous realities of the multiverse to face a mysterious new adversary.

Farm Folies

Available on VOD September 10, 2022

David, a young peasant from Cantal, has just had an idea: to save his farm from bankruptcy, he is going to set up a cabaret on the farm. The show will be on stage and on the plate, with good local products. He is sure, it can only work! His relatives, his mother and especially his grandfather, are more skeptical.

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