VOD: what are the films not to miss the week of September 18 to 24? Top Gun:…

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What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

I love what you do

Available on VOD September 18, 2022

As Gérard Lanvin prepares to shoot one of the most important films of his career in the south of France, his path crosses that of Momo Zapareto… To his greatest regret. Because Momo is a fan, very fan, too fan! For Gérard, the nightmare has only just begun…

Agent Game

Available on VOD September 19, 2022

Harris is a seasoned CIA agent specializing in terrorist interrogations. When he is wrongly accused of murdering his teammate, he decides to orchestrate a full-scale trap to avenge him, clear his name, and make everyone involved pay.

And I love to fury

Available on VOD September 20, 2022

Since childhood, the co-director of THIS HAS ARRIVED NEAR YOU has been collecting film reels. Thanks to these moments in the life of anonymous filmmakers and these traces of preserved emotions, he reconstructs the adventure of his family. With ET J’AIME À LA FUREUR, André Bonzel declares his love for cinema. On original music by Benjamin Biolay, he tells a story that could be ours…

Boom Boom

Available on VOD September 20, 2022

“I met Pierrot in the fall of 2018. A few weeks later, we demonstrated together at the heart of the Yellow Vests movement. The earth trembled and our hearts too. Our bodies mingle with thousands of others who express their anger in the street every Saturday, for months.”

Mama, mama, mama

Available on VOD September 20, 2022

The house is full of cousins, but Cléo is alone with the loss of her little sister Erín. A grief that she shares with her mother, but that the two women experience differently. Cléo, only 12 years old, must face the loss of her sister in a world without adults, accompanied by her three cousins ​​who accompany her in her boiling puberty.

Sentinel south

Available on VOD September 20, 2022

In the aftermath of a clandestine operation that decimated his unit, soldier Christian Lafayette is back in France. As he tries to resume a normal life, he soon becomes involved in opium trafficking to save his two surviving brothers in arms. The mission from which they are the only ones to have returned was perhaps not the one they believed…


Available on VOD September 21, 2022

A zombie movie set in an abandoned building. Between jaded technicians and actors not really concerned, only the director seems invested with the necessary energy to give life to yet another low-budget horror film. The irruption of authentic undead will disrupt the filming…

nuclear summer

Available on VOD September 21, 2022

When an accident occurs at the nearby nuclear power plant, Victor finds himself confined to a farm with his old friends from the village. The storm threatening, they watch for the passage of the radioactive cloud when they should have evacuated the area. In 24 hours, they will lose all their certainties.


Available on VOD September 21, 2022

From a fantasized memory of the Second World War to contemporary Berlin, Evolution follows three generations of a family marked by history. The pain of Eva, the miraculous child of the camps, is transmitted to her daughter Lena, then to her grandson, Jonas. Until this one breaks, with a gesture of love, the mechanics of the trauma.

500 meters underground

Available on VOD September 21, 2022

Dong-won and his family have finally settled into their new home, bought after years of saving. But torrential rains create a landslide and the building is engulfed in a sinkhole in the middle of the housewarming party. Isolated hundreds of meters underground, Dong-won and his guests have little time to get to the surface…


Available on VOD September 21, 2022

Life is a short party that will soon be forgotten.


Available on VOD exclusively on Filmo on September 22, 2022

Juan, a prison official, silently observes Berta’s visit to her incarcerated son, Sergio, every Sunday. One day, he succeeds in getting to know her but surprises himself by inventing himself the father of an imaginary girl also in prison, Josefina.

Men on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Available on VOD September 22, 2022

Seven men, aged 17 to 70, who are completely opposites, if not on the verge of a nervous breakdown, find themselves embarked on a group therapy in the wilderness. This mysterious course, “exclusively reserved for men”, is supposed to work miracles. First surprise when they arrive: the coach is a woman! Unpredictable and confusing, she will do everything to help them get better. With or without their consent…

Top Gun: Maverick

Available for digital purchase September 22, 2022

After being one of the best fighter pilots in the United States Navy for more than thirty years, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell continues to push his limits as a test pilot. would force him to give up flying. He is tasked with training a detachment of fresh Top Gun school graduates for a special mission no pilot could ever imagine. On this mission, Maverick meets Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw , the son of his late friend, navigator Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. Faced with an uncertain future, haunted by his ghosts, Maverick will have to face his worst nightmares during a mission that will require the greatest of sacrifices.

El Lobo: The boarding school

Available on VOD September 23, 2022

A problem child, Alex is forcibly sent to El Lobo, a boarding school run with an iron fist by the fearsome Mr Cortès. There he falls under the spell of the young Isabel and befriends the inseparable Jorge, Ricky and Pato. While the abuse inflicted by the director multiplies, his comrades reveal to Alex the mysterious legend of the Wolf: Mr Cortès would have hidden in the cellars of the boarding school a terrifying beast, which would be at the origin of the disappearance of several children. It then becomes vital for Alex and his friends to escape…

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