VOD: what are the films not to miss the week of October 9 to 15? Achoura, The Great…

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What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

The Great Movement

Available on VOD October 10, 2022

Elder arrives on foot in La Paz after seven days of marching to protest with his miner friends against their dismissal from the Huanuni mines. Soon Elder falls ill and the metropolis gradually suffocates him. Max, a street sorcerer, relentlessly criss-crosses the confines of the city, which seems to be anchored in the depths of his being. From the bowels of the Earth to the 3600 meters of altitude of the Bolivian capital, the path of Elder, the damned, will cross that of Max in a redemptive urban symphony.


Available on VOD October 12, 2022

Four kids play at scaring each other and go to a condemned house, reputed to be cursed. One of them disappears under mysterious circumstances. The three survivors repress the memory of what could have happened, until Samir reappears 25 years later. The recomposed band will have to confront its past.

Works and Days (film-river in three parts)

Available on VOD October 12, 2022

“The first rule in agriculture is not to take the easy way out. The earth requires effort. (Georgics, Virgil). The Works and the Days is a chronicle that recounts, over the seasons, the daily life of a farmer, Tayoko Shiojiri, in a mountain village in the Kyoto region, drawing the portrait of a woman, a family, of a terrain, a soundscape and another relationship to time.


Available on VOD October 13, 2022

Following the burial of his father, in his village in the middle of the Corsican maquis, Dumè discovers the existence of a brother, Lucien, with whom he will have to share the heritage left by the patriarch. Provided you manage to live together for a month in the family home… Against the backdrop of cultural legitimacy and real estate heritage, a balance of power will be established between Lucien, the blood son, and Dumè, the adopted son…

Music Hole

Available on VOD October 13, 2022

Francis, a little accountant officiating in a seedy cabaret in Charleroi, has marital problems with Martine, his wife. After a heated argument, he wakes up one morning to find some very bad news in his own freezer. This is the macabre and wacky starting point for a burlesque thriller flavored with very fresh “gueuze”, gypsy music, against a background of denial of the disintegration of the couple, where all the varieties of neuroses and madness will intersect.

I’m Your Man

Available on VOD October 13, 2022

Alma, a brilliant scientist, turns out to be a perfect candidate for an experiment: for three weeks, she must live with Tom, a robot with the perfect human appearance, specially programmed to correspond to her definition of the ideal man. Its existence must serve only one purpose: to make Alma happy.

Tropic of Violence

Available on VOD October 13, 2022

Mayotte, forgotten territory of the Republic. When his mother dies, the young Moses joins a shanty town populated by miners left entirely to their own devices. There he meets Bruce, a tyrannical and unpredictable clan leader. On this burning island, the destiny of Moses changes.

The Democratic Hypothesis – A Basque story

Available on VOD October 14, 2022

The democratic hypothesis – A Basque history offers for the first time the sensitive story of the political exit from the oldest armed conflict in Western Europe. Actors, victims and peace negotiators immerse us in the history of a people who, faced with the violence at work, knew how to invent a new path and act on its own destiny.

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