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What are the latest VOD releases? The answer in our weekly recap.

Mr. Malcolm’s List

Available on VOD February 13, 2023

1818. Mr. Malcolm is London’s most coveted bachelor. He has a list on which he has written all the criteria that his ideal wife must meet. After failing by not agreeing on one point, Julia enlists her friend, Selina, to avenge her…

The Adventures of Gigi the Law

Available on VOD February 14, 2023

Gigi is a country policeman, where, it seems, nothing ever happens. One day, however, a girl throws herself under a train. It is not the first time. Then begins an investigation into this inexplicable series of suicides in this strange provincial universe between reality and imagination, where a garden can become a jungle and a policeman has a heart always ready to smile and love.

Spin Me Round

Available on VOD February 14, 2023

Sent to an immersion program in Italy at the expense of her company, a romantic getaway turns into chaos for a young woman.

Three nights a week

Available on VOD February 14, 2023

Baptiste, 29, is in a relationship with Samia, when he meets Cookie Kunty, a young drag queen from the Parisian nightlife. Driven by the idea of ​​a photo project with her, he immerses himself in a universe he knows nothing about, and discovers Quentin, the young man behind the drag queen.

A good start

Available on VOD February 15, 2023

They are old enough to enter third grade and already have a reputation for being irrecoverable. For months, they lived away from college, almost completely out of school life. In Grenoble, a unique class in France called “Starter” opens its doors to them. During this particular year, A good beginning filmed their adolescence, difficult and abused – but whose course can still change.

A woman of our time

Available on VOD February 15, 2023

Juliane, police commissioner in Paris, is a woman of great moral integrity. But the discovery of her husband’s double life will suddenly lead her to commit acts of which she would never have believed herself capable…

Samurai Academy

Available on VOD February 15, 2023

Hank is a playful dog who dreams of being a samurai in a world where this privilege is reserved… only for cats! Mocked, refused by all the samurai schools, he meets a big grumpy tomcat, a master warrior who ends up agreeing to teach him the ancestral techniques of the samurai. The apprenticeship will be tough for the restless and dissipated young dog: you have to learn to handle the sword, become agile like a cat, master the martial arts, and Hank is not very gifted. But to become a samurai, Hank gives himself… a lot of trouble! When the Shogun’s army of cats sweeps over the city, the samurai apprentice’s courage and cunning will finally come in handy: “cat’s going to barter, he’s going to beat them up”!

Simone, the trip of the century

Available on VOD February 15, 2023

The fate of Simone Veil, her childhood, her political battles, her tragedies. The epic and intimate portrait of a woman with an extraordinary career who has shaken up her time by defending a humanist message that is still burningly topical.

Black Adam

Available for digital purchase February 16, 2023

In ancient Kahndaq, the slave Teth Adam had received superpowers from the gods. But he used it for revenge and ended up in prison. Five millennia later, when he was liberated, he brings his very dark conception of justice to the world. Refusing to surrender, Teth Adam must face a band of modern-day heroes who make up the Justice Society – Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Atom Smasher and Cyclone – who intend to send him back to prison for eternity.

The Harkis

Available on VOD February 16, 2023

At the end of the 1950s, beginning of the 1960s, the war in Algeria continued. Salah, Kaddour and other destitute young Algerians join the French army as harkis. At their head, Lieutenant Pascal. The outcome of the conflict suggests the imminent independence of Algeria. The fate of the harkis seems very uncertain. Pascal opposes his hierarchy to obtain the repatriation to France of all the men of his unit.

The New Toy

Available on VOD February 16, 2023

Sami lives happily in a suburban estate, among his friends, neighbors and his wife Alice. For his son’s birthday, the richest man in France opens the department store that belongs to him. Alexandre chooses Sami, the night watchman, as his new toy…

Brian and Charles

Available on VOD February 17, 2023

Isolated in his small house, Brian sinks into depression. To deceive his loneliness, he decides to build a robot named Charles, an improbable collection of parts that turns out to be funny and endearing. Who could thwart this friendship?

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