VOD – To watch from April 12 to 18: Birds Of Prey, Sonic, Doctor Who

VOD – To watch from April 12 to 18: Birds Of Prey, Sonic, Doctor Who

VOD – To watch from April 12 to 18: Birds Of Prey, Sonic, Doctor Who

In this confinement period, here is a summary of this week’s VOD cinema and series releases.

Birds of Prey and the fantastical story of Harley Quinn

Spin-off of Suicide Squad devoted to Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey and the fantastical story of Harley Quinn shows us the latter devastated by his break with the Joker. The young woman returns to service when she crosses paths with La Chasseuse, Black Canary and Renee Montoya. This improbable quartet will do everything to protect the young Cass from the merciless Roman Sionis.

Sonic the movie

Hero of the video game series published by Sega, Sonic is now entitled to his film. The blue hedgehog running at lightning speed is sent to Earth to find a solution to save its planet at risk. On the spot, he meets Tom, who quickly becomes his best friend. Sonic will need his power to escape the dreaded Dr. Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey.


Doctor, Romain works in a psychiatric hospital. He meets Leo Milan, a patient who claims to be a secret agent. Romain takes him for a mythomaniac, but a few movements of self defense manage to convince him. He agrees to release him if Leo helps him find his fiancée … The Lion is a comedy bringing together Dany Boon and Philippe Katerine.

The Forgotten Prince

After Le Redoutable, his biopic dedicated to Jean-Luc Godard, Michel Hazanavicius tries his hand at children’s film. In The Forgotten Prince, a father who raises his 8-year-old daughter alone has the habit of inventing stories in which he is a prince who always comes to his rescue. But this enchanting world is threatened when the child grows and moves away from his father.

#I’m here

# Jesuislà marks the reunion of Eric Lartigau and Alain Chabat fourteen years after Prête-moi ta main. The ex-Nul is a man with a peaceful life who decides, on a whim, to fly to Korea in the hope of meeting a young woman with whom he interacts on a daily basis on social networks.


Filmed like a found footage, Play follows Max, a 13-year-old teenager who, after receiving a camera, begins to film frantically all the events of his life: his adventures with his friends, his romantic friendship with Emma . At the age of 40, Max decides to edit the videos recorded since his adolescence in order to end up with the film of his life.

Brokenwood – Season 6

Transferred to the town of Brokenwood, the very peculiar commissioner Mike Shepherd resolves investigations with the help of his brigade and the dead with whom he discusses.

Doctor Who – Season 12

In this 12th season of Doctor Who, the Doctor and his team will try to unmask and put an end to the actions of the “Spy Master”, who is killing intelligence agents around the world.

Slippage – Season 1

Adapted from the novel Black frames by Pierre Lemaitre, Dérapages follows a former HR director who unemployment has destroyed. Against all expectations, his candidacy was retained for a position. Alain wants to believe in it at all costs, even if it means putting his family in danger. When he understands that he is only a stooge to reinforce an already selected application, he takes advantage of the final test to dynamite the system. Alain then has nothing left to lose …

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