VOD: Spider-Man – No Way Home, Where’s Anne Frank… Films not to be missed this week…

What are the VOD releases from April 10 to 16? The answer in our weekly recap.

Vod: spider-man - no way home, where's anne frank... Films not to be missed this week...
Purple Whale Films


Available on VOD April 13, 2022

Emily Elizabeth, a young schoolgirl, receives an adorable little red dog as a gift from a magician. What is her surprise when she wakes up the next day in her small New York apartment facing the same dog that has become…giant! Her mother, who raises her alone, being on business trips, Emily embarks with her uncle Casey, as whimsical as he is unpredictable, on an adventure full of surprises and twists through the Big Apple. Adapted from the beloved character from the popular Scholastic book series, CLIFFORD is going to teach the world a great lesson in love!

A Perfect Enemy

Available on VOD April 13, 2022

A famous architect is arrested by a mysterious young woman at a Paris airport. She’s so intrusive that she makes him miss his flight. He will realize, over the hours, that their meeting is not due to chance…


Available on VOD April 13, 2022

Rose, 78, has just lost her husband whom she adored. When her pain gives way to a powerful life drive that makes her realize that she can still redefine herself as a woman, the whole balance of the family is upset…

Where is Anne Frank!

Available on VOD April 13, 2022

Kitty, Anne Frank’s imaginary friend to whom the famous diary was dedicated, mysteriously came to life today in the house where Anne had taken refuge with her family, in Amsterdam, which has since become an emblematic place receiving visitors from whole world. Armed with the precious manuscript, which recalls what Anne experienced more than 75 years ago, Kitty sets out to find her in the company of her new friend Peter, who comes to the aid of illegal refugees; she then discovers flabbergasted that Anne is both everywhere and nowhere. And in this different Europe, now grappling with major new challenges, Kitty will find a way to give Anne Frank’s message meaning, life and hope…

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Available for digital purchase on April 14, 2022

For the first time in its cinematic history, Spider-Man, the friendly neighborhood hero is exposed and can no longer separate his normal life from his heavy superhero responsibilities. When he asks Doctor Strange for help, the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to find out what being Spider-Man truly means.

The Sacrificed Lovers

Available on VOD April 14, 2022

Kobe, 1941. Yusaku and his wife Satoko live as a modern and fulfilled couple, far from the growing tension between Japan and the West. But after a trip to Manchuria, Yusaku begins to act strangely… To the point of attracting the suspicions of his wife and the authorities. What is he hiding from them? And how far is Satoko willing to go to find out?

The Beta Test

Available on VOD April 14, 2022

Jordan Hines, a successful Hollywood agent about to get married, receives an anonymous letter inviting him to a mysterious sex date…

A hero

Available on VOD April 14, 2022

Rahim is in jail because of a debt he couldn’t repay. During a two-day leave, he tries to convince his creditor to withdraw his complaint against the payment of part of the sum. But things don’t go as planned…

My very dear children

Available on VOD April 14, 2022

Chantal and Christian live a peaceful retirement. But since their children Sandrine and Stéphane left the nest, they no longer give much news. Opportunities to get together as a family are becoming increasingly rare… When the offspring announce that they won’t be coming to celebrate Christmas, it’s too much for Chantal and Christian! They then decide to make them believe that they have hit the jackpot. A desperate attempt to get them back and a lie that could cost them dearly…

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