VOD: 355, Land of the Sons, Adieu Paris… Films not to be missed this week – Actus…

What are the VOD releases from May 22 to 28? The answer in our weekly recap.

Vod: 355, land of the sons, adieu paris... Films not to be missed this week - actus...
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Unclenched Fists

Available on VOD May 24, 2022

In a former mining town in North Ossetia, a young woman, Ada, tries to escape the stranglehold of her family, whom she rejects as much as she loves.


Available on VOD May 24, 2022

How many pains, how many lives does existence in the Middle East consist of? Notturno has been shot over the past three years along the borders of Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria and Lebanon; all around, signs of violence and destruction, and in the foreground humanity which wakes up each day from a night which seems infinite.

they are alive

Available on VOD May 25, 2022

Recently widowed, Béatrice lives with her son and mother. His meeting with Mokhtar, an Iranian teacher who arrived in Europe illegally, will change his daily life and his convictions. Out of love for him, she will have to defy the prejudices of those around her and the laws of her country.

Land of the Sons

Available on VOD May 25, 2022

In the future, a mysterious plague has ended civilization. Humanity has almost disappeared. In this abandoned world that has become hostile, a father and his son fight for their survival. When the former eventually dies, he leaves behind the diary he has been keeping secretly for years. But unable to read, the young man sets off in search of an adult who could reveal its contents to him. A journey into the unknown, during which he will learn that each encounter may be the last.


Available on VOD May 25, 2022

A technological weapon capable of taking control of computer networks falls into the wrong hands. Intelligence agencies around the world are sending their most formidable agents to where the destructive weapon has been located: to Paris. Their mission: to prevent terrorist or governmental organizations from seizing it to trigger a world conflict. The spies will have to choose between fighting each other or joining forces…

White Snake

Available on VOD May 25, 2022

Xuan, a snake hunter, finds a young woman wandering in the mountains. She has lost her memory and only remembers her first name, Blanca. The hunter decides to help him find his identity. But dangerous spirits and powerful creatures will stand in their way, as it turns out that Blanca is most likely not human…


Available on VOD May 25, 2022

Two men set off from Lausanne to the south of France in a hearse. They know little about each other, have little in common, or so they think…

Farewell Paris

Available on VOD May 26, 2022

An old Parisian bistro with eternal charm. Eight gentlemen at the table, eight large figures. They were the “kings of Paris”… National treasures, masterpieces in danger. A well-established ritual… A sense of humor and self-mockery intact. Of tenderness and cruelty. Eight old friends who hate and love each other. And suddenly an intruder…

The promises

Available for digital purchase on May 26, 2022

Mayor of a city in 93, Clémence is fighting with Yazid, his chief of staff, a fierce battle to save the Bernardins district, a city undermined by insalubrity and “sleep merchants”. This will be his last fight, before handing over to the next election. But when Clémence is approached to become a minister, her ambition calls into question all her plans. Can Clémence abandon her city, her loved ones, and renounce her promises? …

The Shadow of Violence

Available on VOD May 26, 2022

In a remote town in Ireland, Arm, a former boxer, has become the henchman of the Devers, a family at the head of a drug trafficking network. In his free time, he tries to raise his son Jack, who has a form of autism, as best he can. But one day, the Devers family asks Arm the unthinkable: for the first time, he must kill a man. Torn between his loyalty to his protectors and the safety he owes his family, Arm finds himself faced with an impossible dilemma. He then makes the riskiest choice, the one that could make him lose everything…

My Darling

Available on VOD May 26, 2022

Russell is a drag queen who is torn between his precarious future as a queer artist and the memory of the comfortable life he once knew. He decides to travel the country with his grandmother, Margaret, who stubbornly refuses to go to a retirement home despite her decay.

You only want me

Available on VOD May 26, 2022

Companion of Marguerite Duras for two years, Yann Andréa feels the need to speak: his passionate relationship with the writer no longer leaves him any freedom, he must put into words what enchants and tortures him. He asks a journalist friend to interview him to see more clearly. He will describe, with lucidity and sincerity, the complexity of his story, their love and the injunctions to which he is subject, those that women have endured for millennia…

The Enemy

Available on VOD May 26, 2022

A famous politician is accused of having killed his wife who was found dead one night in their hotel room. Is he guilty or innocent? No one knows. And maybe he doesn’t either.


Available on VOD May 26, 2022

After 16 years of silence, two childhood friends meet in a café. Denis, who needs money for his business, does not hesitate to ask Nacho for a loan. From there begins a game of mutual dependencies in which their two partners, Marta and Carmen, will be involved.


Available on VOD May 26, 2022

When they realize their experiment of creating parallel worlds with replicas of themselves is going to go awry, four brilliant quantum physics students must come back to reality in terrifying ways. Having realized that only one version of each of them could exist in reality, they will have to confront themselves and decide which clones must be eliminated to avoid chaos. At the risk of killing each other…

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