Vivo on Netflix: from what age to see this colorful musical?

Vivo on netflix: from what age to see this colorful musical?

Looking for a movie to watch with the family on Netflix? AlloCiné presents Vivo, an animated musical comedy that takes you on a journey!

Recommended from 6 years old – Currently on Netflix

• Once upon a time : A music-loving kinkajou embarks on a thrilling adventure between Havana and Miami to deliver a love song in the name of an old friend and fulfill his destiny.

• What they will love: Vivo is the kind of film that takes you on a journey! Direction Cuba, its vibrant colors and catchy music! Then Miami, with its famous Everglades and marshy scenery. Imagined by Lin-Manuel Miranda, this animated film that has nothing to envy to Pixar, pays tribute to South American culture.

If your kids love to sing, then they will love the guajira, a musical genre originating in Havana. They will also fall under the spell of the kinkajou Vivo (not to be confused with a monkey), a strange animal that deserves to be known. Here, he raps, he sings, he dances and twirls!

• What may worry them: Vivo is a movie to see with the whole family, but there are a few scenes that might worry them, like the one where our adorable kinkajou is chased through the jungle by a hungry snake. They may also feel sadness over the death of one of the characters, even if it is not really shown on screen, but rather suggested. Apart from that, no need to worry, on the contrary! Vivo is full of life, optimism and love. So go for it!

• What they will keep inside: Animated films allow us to discover the world, other cultures and other populations. A way for our children to be open to others. Vivo is no exception to the rule and they will keep in their hearts the images of the sunny landscapes of Havana … or those more marshy of Miami!

Vivo is also an ode to music, the one that connects the little animal to his human best friend Andres. Because even if these last two do not share the same language, they share the love of music and rhythm! It is precisely this passion that will push our hero to change continent to carry out his mission.

If the film emphasizes adventure, it also shows us the importance of family, that of blood and that of the heart. It is out of love for her deceased friend that Vivo decides to go find the one he loved to give her the song he had written for her. A scene that does not lack emotion …

Some children will also find themselves in the character of Gabi, an energetic little girl who does not care to look like others. But behind her overconfidence hides a hurt soul who could never tell her father how much she loved him before he died. His character offers us a very beautiful lesson in life that will not leave adults and children indifferent!

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