Visitors on Warner TV: what is the new fantastic series by Simon Astier (Hero Corp) worth…

On Tuesday May 10, the channel launches the broadcast of its first Warner TV Original series, written, directed and performed by Simon Astier. Following a mysterious explosion in a small town, a young police officer leads the investigation…

What is it about ?

Richard, Bob and Mitch, three childhood friends, grew up and live in the small town of Pointe-Claire. While Richard decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps by joining the police, the reception reserved for him is not the warmest. That same evening, at nightfall, two strange lights collide in the sky. It is then that mysterious events occur in the city…

Visitorsfrom May 10 on Warner TV – 8 X 26 minutes

Who is it with?

About the conductor Simon Astierboth author, director and main actor of the series, we find Damien Jouillerot (Black Baron), Vincent Desagnat (brothers), Tiphaine Daviot (HP) and Julie Bargeton (I promise you) as Richard’s childhood friends, partner and former childhood sweetheart.

In more surprising scores, Florence Loiret-Caille (The Office of Legends) completes a cast full of comedians and comedians from the web, such as the Palmashow duo David Marsais/Gregory Ludig, Arnaud Tsamere (Hero Corp), Jeremy Dethelot (workinggirls), Adrien Menielle (Derby Girl), Audrey Pirault (Fantasy) or Jerome Niel.

Well worth a look ?

After Off Prime and Hero Corpthe indefatigable Simon Astier, who recently directed season 2 of Mortal on Netflix and acted on stage the adaptation of the novel The speech by Fabcaro, returns to the series with Visitors, in the continuity of his previous creation which explored the fantastic genre still too little exploited in French fiction.

By playing this time with the codes of science fiction and a good dose of humor, Visitors immerses us in a small fictional town that could very well be located in the United States, and does not hide its references to fantastic cinema American of the 1990s, to series like X Files… and even allows a discreet nod to the films of the British director’s Cornetto Trilogy Edgar Wrightanother essential influence of its creator.

Visitors on Warner TV what is the new fantastic series

Through a vintage aesthetic and neat SFX (we always appreciate seeing certain visual effects produced using prostheses and make-up for even more retro nostalgia), the series proves to be very effective and rhythmic, despite some gags a little easy and agreed situations.

First original in-house creation, the Warner TV channel does not skimp on the means, and allows the series to give itself the means of its ambitions by offering entertainment to the assumed cinephilia, all served by a group of cheerful actors that the we take pleasure in finding ourselves in sometimes unexpected roles, such as Florence Loiret-Caille in outsider (without revealing too much about his character) and Vincent Desagnat in a more dramatic score.

Simon Astier, for his part, carries the series by being almost in all respects, and gives himself to his heart’s content in the role of this anti-hero who undergoes the external elements, invested in a redemptive quest and who despite him a discovery that will upset all his beliefs.

With its effective format of 8 episodes of 26 minutes, Visitors succeeds in its mission to entertain us and proves that we can also think outside the box and succeed in doing genre on the scale of French series without demerit. An all the more pleasing success for the first French series from the Warner TV Original label.