Visions on TF1: what is the series worth with Louane between Sixth sense and The Mystery of the lake? -…

TF1 launches this Monday “Visions”, its new event series with Louane Emera, Soufiane Guerrab (“Lupin”), and Jean-Hugues Anglade. An unoriginal but successful thriller tinged with fantasy, about a child who shows strange gifts linked to an investigation.

Visions on tf1: what is the series worth with louane between sixth sense and the mystery of the lake? -...
Francois Lefebvre/Hanoi Productions/TF1

What is it about ?

While a little girl barely twelve years old disappears, Diego, eight years old, manifests strange visions which alert the captain of the gendarmerie in charge of the investigation, Romain, and especially his companion, Sarah, a young psychologist. What if what Diego sees or draws was linked to this disappearance?

Every Monday at 9:10 p.m. on TF1 from May 16, and already available on Salto

6 episodes seen out of 6

Who is it with?

Revealed by the show The Voice and Caesarized in 2015 for her performance in the film The Aries Familysinger and actress Louane landed her first television role thanks to Visions. She lends her features to Sarah Sauvant, a young psychologist who will take a close interest in Diego’s faculties and will forge a very strong relationship with him.

Facing her, TF1 viewers will find Soufiane Guerrabone of the stars of Lupine on Netflix, recently seen in cinemas in Low floor and The promisesin the role of Romain, the heroine’s companion cop, who is in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of little Lily.

Jean-Hugues Anglade, Marie Ange Casta (Opposing winds), Julien Boisselier, Max Boublil, Anne Marivinback on the front page after Rebecca, Robinson Stevenin, Sophie Catani (Exposure), and the young Leon Durieux (Far from home) in the skin of Diego complete the distribution of this event mini-series in six episodes.

Visions on tf1: what is the series worth with louane between sixth sense and the mystery of the lake? -...
Olivier Martino/TF1

Well worth a look ?

Very fashionable on the small screen a few years ago, series set against the background of the disappearance of children or adolescents, Elise’s secret to The forestPassing by The mystery of the lake and Malaterrawould they once again have the wind in their sails following the resounding success of The promise at the start of last year?

In any case, this is what Visions might suggest, which, despite its elements of fantasy à la Sixth Sense, ticks all the boxes of the thriller made in TF1 in a miscellaneous way (we necessarily think of the disappearance of little Maëlys). And does it rather well even if the series worn by Louane does not reach the same heights of quality as The Promise.

Produced by Akim Iskerto him we owe the moving TV movie Nobody’s childand written by Jeanne LeGuillou and Bruno Degawho know a lot about thrillers and thrillers after The Lake Killer, GloriaWhere They were 10Visions deploys in any case a well-crafted plot, which multiplies the cliffhangers at the end of the episodes as well as the false leads as to the identity of Lily’s murderer.

And if we are obviously interested in the purely police investigation of Romain – excellent and magnetic Soufiane Guerrab – who gradually understands that he is dealing with a serial killer who has already killed in the past, the series above all tries to stand out with its other counterpart, which is more psychological.

Visions on tf1: what is the series worth with louane between sixth sense and the mystery of the lake? -...
Francois Lefebvre/TF1

Indeed, the strength of Visions lies mainly in its ability to use its central fantastic element – Diego can communicate with the dead – to evoke the theme of difference and to explore the flaws and wounds of its heroine, Sarah, who will find herself closely linked to Diego. Because if Diego “sees people who are dead”, he also knows things about his shrink’s past that only the young woman played by Louane is supposed to know.

Louane Emera and Léon Durieux form a duo to which one attaches easily, even when the bond which unites them by strange circumstances goes crescendo. The cast of the series is also generally in tune, with also very good performances from Marie-Ange Casta, Anne Marivin, and Julien Boisselier.

Finally, all that can be criticized for Visions is to offer a detective plot that is a little too classic on the merits, if we disregard Diego’s paranormal faculties. And to handle his story with a (too?) slow pace which could disconcert more than one and risks costing the channel viewers from one evening to another. Even from one episode to another.

But the talent of the actors – Louane and Soufiane Guerrab in the lead -, the very fine production of Akim Isker, the bewitching aesthetics of the whole, and a very successful last episode all the same make Visions a series that we recommend you. Especially since it proves that the fantastic has its place as a bonus on a major French channel, even in small touches.

So it only remains to hope that Prometheuswhich will arrive in the coming months on TF1 with Camille Lou and Odile Vuillemin in the main roles, will be able to go even more frankly in the strange and the paranormal.

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