Visions on TF1: the writers are already working on a season 2!

While the broadcast of the “Visions” series, carried by Louane, will end this Monday evening on TF1, the creators Jeanne Le Guillou and Bruno Dega are currently working on writing a season 2. But this “suite” will see day?

End clap (or almost) for Visions. Launched two weeks ago, the first season of the fantasy series led by Louane, Soufiane Guerraband Leon Durieux will end this Monday, May 30 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

Viewers will thus be entitled to a real finished ending, which will notably provide an answer to the question “Who killed Lily?”, and will also see the heroine played by Louane clarify the gray areas of her past with the help of visions of little Diego.

But while everything led to believe that Visions was a mini-series with no possible sequel, the writers Jeanne LeGuillou and Bruno Dega told us that they are currently working on writing a season 2.

“There is a season 2 in writing, yes”confirms to our microphone Jeanne Le Guillou, who has signed in recent years, in duet with Bruno Dega, series such as Gloria – who she, will not have season 2 on TF1 -, Handling, The Lake KillerWhere They were 10adaptation of the novel byAgatha Christie by Pascal Laugier for M6.

Visions on tf1: the writers are already working on a season 2!
Olivier Martino / TF1

“But what will be in this season 2, we can’t tell you”continues the co-creator of Visions. “We can’t really call it a sequel by the way. But, yes, we’re working on a season 2 of Visions which is a sequel without being a sequel. And we obviously can’t say whether Sarah or Diego will be present in this season 2”.

If the two scriptwriters of Visions remain so evasive about this “sequel”, it is quite simply because TF1 has not yet ordered this season 2, which is simply in the development stage. A common practice on French television, where authors generally start writing a new season without knowing if it will really see the light of day.

Will TF1 order a season 2?

As always, TF1 is awaiting the full audience report for the three weeks of Visions’ broadcast before making a decision regarding a possible season 2.

But are the audiences for the first four episodes going in the direction of a success justifying a sequel for the channel? Not really.

Even if the series led by singer and actress Louane in the role of shrink Sarah Sauvant allowed TF1 to rank first on two Mondays in a row, the first two evenings of broadcast brought together “only” 3.45 and 3 .32 million viewers on average, which corresponds to 18 and 17.4% of the total audience.

And if these scores, neither excellent nor catastrophic, reflect the current context (complicated news + good weather), where few programs are a hit apart from the phenomenon HPI, it is rather on the side of the priority commercial target that the shoe pinches for Visions. Which was each time largely beaten by M6 and Married at first sight on this indicator.

On Monday, May 16, the market share of the first two episodes of the series was only 17.1% on female purchasing managers under fifty (FRDA-50), who are none other than the preferred target. advertisers, and therefore the most important target for a private channel like TF1.

And last Monday, episodes 3 and 4 did not shine either since the audience share, slightly down, was only 16.7% on the FRDA-50 according to Médiamétrie. Figures too low by the standards of TF1, for whom the bar of 20% housewives (former term to designate women responsible for purchases under 50) is symbolic.

Many historical series of the channels – namely Alice Nevers, Research sectionand Profiling – moreover stopped last year because their audiences had fallen below 20% on target (around 16-18%).

In short, apart from a meteoric rise this Monday for the end of the first season, Visions should unfortunately not be entitled to a season 2 on TF1.

It should nevertheless be noted that the first episode of the series had a very good replay (+ 800,000 viewers, for a total audience on D+7 of 4.6 million curious people). But that will surely not be enough to motivate the channel to order new episodes of the creation of Jeanne Le Guillou and Bruno Dega.

On Monday, June 6, Visions will give way to American film The New Internwith Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway. And while season 2 of HPI continues until June 16 in the Thursday box, we will certainly have to wait until the start of the school year to see TF1 draw new new French series, including E-syndrome, Aim for the heart, Prometheusor the long-awaited The Fightersby the team of Charity Bazaar.

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