Visible Like a Splash on the Floor, This Table Accommodates Ten People

Splatt table: When we interviewed the prolific student designer Niklas Fiedler, we assured our readers that we will be talking more about such student designers. Staying true to our words, we introduce you to Splatt table designed by students of the School of Design and Construction, Washington State University. The table garnered public attention after winning the International SIT furniture design competition.

Designed by a group of students comprising Sarah Rosenthal, Robert Krikac, Shannon Spilker; the table features a radical arrangement of pockets and petals. These arrangements make it possible for many people to sit together in a collaborative manner thus facilitating group work.

The table looks like a splash when viewed from the top, thus deriving its name ‘Splatt’. The size and shape of the table provide users an adequate space for sitting with their laptops, books, and other accessories.

The table can be used by at least ten people or smaller groups and is perfectly suited for library settings. In case, you are adherent to social distancing, the table offers loads of space distant space to sit five people. Great for collaborating in groups, the table is available in an array of sizes.

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Shannon Spilker, one of the designers told WSU Insider,“We are applying to all these big, fancy competitions with international office systems furniture providers and designers who have actual money and studios and technology and milling machines, and I just thought ‘we are small fry and that’s cool,’” she further said, “We’re just going to dip our toe in, and it will be good practice.”

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