Virgin River on Netflix: will there be a season 4?

Last Friday, Netflix released Season 3 of “Virgin River” which ended on numerous cliffhangers. If the fourth season has not yet been ordered, the designer has already confided in the following events.

After watching Virgin River Season 3 last weekend, fans of the romantic series are now eagerly awaiting Season 4 to find out what awaits Mel, Jack, Doc, Preacher and the rest of the townspeople. nestled in the heart of the mountains of California.

If Netflix has not yet officially announced the order of a new burst of episodes, many rumors claim that a season 4 is already in the pipes and that production should begin in the coming weeks for s. ‘complete in November. And given the series’ success on the streaming platform, there isn’t much doubt about its future.

BEWARE SPOILERS if you haven’t completed Season 3.

Regarding the intrigues, Sue Tenney, creator of Virgin River, already has a lot of ideas in mind for season 4, starting with the marriage proposal from Jack (Martin Henderson). Will Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) say yes?

Especially since the young woman is now pregnant and does not yet know who the father is. Will Jack agree to take care of a child who is not his? “You will know the identity of the father by the end of the fourth season.“, assures the showrunneuse.

Sue Tenney will also have to answer the question that has been on everyone’s lips since the shock finale of Season 2: who shot Jack? If Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) was arrested, fans suspect the story doesn’t end there.

The reveal will also bring more detail to how all of the events are intertwined. The storyline of this story goes back to the first season, and it spans four seasons.. ” she explained.

Finally, concerning the fate of Hope (Annette O’Toole), still in critical condition at the end of season 3, the showrunner wants to be reassuring. She explained to Entertainment Weekly that, just like with Jack’s injury, the show was going to do a good thing in time.

For us, it’s her recovery and what she is facing – a head injury – that is important. The hospital and rehabilitation, that’s not really the essence of our series, “said Sue Tenney.”We know what we love to do which is emotionally complex dramatic stories. ”

Season 4 of Virgin River promises to have many surprises in store for us.

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