Virgin River on Netflix: why the death of a character upset its interpreter

Available on Netflix, the series “Virgin River” upset its fans after the death of one of the characters during season 3. A difficult plot to play for the interpreter who embodies it on screen.

Virgin river on netflix: why the death of a character upset its interpreter

Attention, the following article reveals important information about season 3 of Virgin River.

The romantic series Virgin River, adapted from the eponymous novels by Robyn Carr, continues with a third season, which went online on July 9. It wasn’t long before viewers discovered one of the dramatic subplots that would punctuate this new round of episodes. At the end of the second chapterLilly, played by Lynda Boyd, learns that she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. For the actress, this story arc was not easy to bring to the screen.

I got a call from the producers, on an audio conference, and they told me, ‘We can’t wait for your plot in Season 3, you’re going to get cancer and you’re going to die’, says the Canadian interpreter in a meeting with Radio Times. I was sitting there and I was like, ‘Ah. Cancer. Cool.’ I lost two of my siblings to cancer and I didn’t want to relive those moments again. But there was some really good writing for my character Lilly.

In the rest of her interview, the actress reveals that the streak where she reveals her illness was even more intense on set because she knows her acting partners – Gwynyth Walsh, Teryl Rothery and Nicola Cavendish – for a long time. “It felt real, like I was training for the day that I will announce my death to my loved ones, she continues. It was complicated, but it can help people, especially those going through similar ordeals.“Lynda Boyd insists on the difficulty of pronouncing her lines, but remembers that this experience was”cathartic” for her.

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