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The romantic series “Virgin River” is back today on Netflix for its season 4 which promises as always to be rich in twists and turns. Find out what awaits you in this new burst of episodes.

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Take out the plaids, the hot tea and light your fireplace! Season 4 of the cocooning series par excellence Virgin River arrives this Wednesday, July 20 on Netflix. On the occasion of the release of these 12 new unreleased episodes, discover what awaits you in the continuation of the adventures of Melinda Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson).

Who is the father of Mel’s baby?

Virgin River Season 3 ended on a major cliffhanger. While Jack proposed to Mel, she revealed to him that she was pregnant… with a baby that was perhaps not his. Indeed, while they were separated, Jack having told her that he did not want any more children, the nurse had made the decision to proceed with an artificial insemination using the frozen embryos of Mark, her deceased ex-husband.

Who is the father of Mel’s baby? It is to this burning question that season 4 will set out to answer as evidenced by the trailer. And according to the show’s producer, Sue Tenneythe name of the father will be revealed by the end of this new burst of episodes.

A wedding for Mel and Jack?

Just because Mel’s announcement overshadowed Jack’s marriage proposal doesn’t mean it won’t be one of the central themes of this season 4. Especially since Sue Tenney has promised that they were going to end up getting married before the end of the series.

Virgin River on Netflix all these questions that season 4

But regardless of Mel’s response to the ex-serviceman’s proposal, there are still a lot of things the couple need to sort out. “She’s going through a big emotional turmoil about it and [dans] season 4 we will obviously explore this in depth“, thus declared Alexandra Breckenridge.

Who shot Jack?

It was the season 2 mystery that ultimately went unsolved in season 3: Who tried to kill Jack? In the finale, Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) was arrested for attempted murder.

If everything points to him as the ideal culprit (we remind you, the police had found the murder weapon in his car), it’s a safe bet that the answer to this question lies elsewhere. And Sue Tenney promised our colleagues to TV Line : we will know the identity of the shooter in season 4, and according to his words “the public will be really surprised to know who is behind all this”.

Did Hope survive her surgery?

Due to the pandemic, Annette O’Toolewho plays Hope, only appeared virtually in season 3 of Virgin River. An absence that had forced the screenwriters to make some changes to the script, particularly concerning the relationship between his character and Doc (Tim Matheson).

At the end of the previous burst of episodes, Hope, who was on her way home, was in a serious car accident. Taken to hospital in critical condition, she suffered brain damage and had to undergo dangerous surgery.

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If her survival in this operation is beyond doubt, Annette O’Toole being in the cast of this new season, it would seem that she has a long path of rehabilitation ahead of her in order to regain all her abilities. And knowing Hope, she’s definitely not going to make her fiancé’s life any easier.

Why is Doc’s grandson in Virgin River?

The arrival at the end of season 3 of a young man posing as Doc’s grandson was one of the most surprising twists of the final episode. And everything suggests that the Virgin River doctor is not aware of the existence of the young man.

It will be a very fun season 4“ in regards to this plot, explained the producer. “We will discover a new facet of the character of Doc.” Where is he from ? Who is he ? We should have the answer in this season 4.

Find the new season 4 of Virgin River this Wednesday, July 20 on Netflix.

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