Viral TikTok 'kickback' in Seattle broken up by police after fights, fires break out

Viral TikTok ‘kickback’ in Seattle broken up by police after fights, fires break out

A beach in Washington state became the latest location for a viral TikTok “kickback” party to be broken up by police.

A huge crowd gathered on Alki Beach in Seattle on Saturday night after invitations to the “kickback” went viral on TikTok — the “kickback” being a reference to “Adrian’s Kickback,” which led to bedlam in Huntington Beach, California, last weekend.

Police clear people from Alki Beach in Seattle on Saturday.KING

That “kickback” drew thousands to Huntington Beach after Adrian Lopez, 17, posted a video inviting people to his birthday party on the app. Nearly 150 people were arrested during the gathering, which stretched over two days at Huntington Beach.

The meetup in Seattle went by several names on TikTok, including the “Washington Kickback” and the “Alki Beach Kickback.”

Videos posted to the platform show a large crowd of people dancing and reveling together.

A large police presence responded initially, Seattle police said on Twitter. Then, Seattle Parks and Recreation shut the beach down.

“@SeattleParks has closed Alki Beach due to going public safety issues (fights, fires, robberies). Officers are now asking the remaining people to please leave. Please do not attempt to enter Alki Beach at this time. Roads are closed approaching the beach,” police tweeted.

The crowd convened around 9 p.m., and police made two arrests after multiple fights broke out, NBC affiliate KING reported. One person was injured, it reported.

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