Vincenzo on Netflix: What's This Epic South Korean Mafia Series?  - News Series on TV

Vincenzo on Netflix: What’s This Epic South Korean Mafia Series? – News Series on TV

Available on Netflix, the series “Vincenzo” follows the misadventures of a formidable young lawyer adopted from an early age by a powerful family of the Italian Mafia.

Heal evil with evilThis is the motto of Vincenzo, a brilliant and fearless hero who lends his name to the series created by Park Jae-bum, known for his drama Quiz from God and The Fiery Priest, available on Netflix. The platform is therefore continuing its acquisition of South Korean fictions with this new thriller, which has become a real hit in its country of origin where it was broadcast on television. Now, the streaming giant offers all of it, namely no less than 20 episodes lasting an average of 1h20 each. A particularly heavy format, but which reflects all the ambition of the series.

The story follows Park Joo-hyung, a young Korean adopted at the age of eight by a powerful Italian mafia family, the Cassano. Renamed Vincenzo, the boy becomes a lawyer and the right-hand man of Don Fabio, the patriarch. When the latter dies, the biological son, Fabio, is determined to leave no room for his adopted brother. Again orphaned, Vincenzo flees to Seoul.

He goes back to his roots, but also faces new troubles: a strange real estate agency has taken possession of a building where he had helped a Chinese tycoon hide gold. To recover his due, he will have to call on his skills.


From its first minutes, during which Vincenzo fulfills one of his father’s last wishes by paying an unfriendly visit to an Italian mobster, it is obvious that the series draws from the many codes of Hollywood action films. The hero (Song Joong-ki), dressed in a tailor-made suit, sometimes refers to the iconic image of James Bond or that of the characters played by Jason Statham for his imperturbable temperament.

Far from taking yourself too seriously, Vincenzo oscillates between comedy and raw spy thriller. With its slow-motion scenes and its omnipresent intense music, the staging is not in the lace, but keeps all its effectiveness to offer the entertainment that fans of the genre come looking for. In South Korea, the series achieved a record audience for the broadcast of its latest episode. A small phenomenon.

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