Vin Diesel, Harrison Ford, James Cameron … They left everything for the cinema! – News …

They were tax lawyers, bouncers, carpenters … and completely changed their path to get into the cinema. When did the click? Small return on nine talents.

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...
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It is not easy to suddenly change career path, which nevertheless seems all mapped out. Yet this is what certain – famous – talents have had the courage to do, and what is more with success. Success which, of course, was not really guaranteed from the start … Here are nine examples.

Vin Diesel, the need to clear the air

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...
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He got his badass nickname from his more physical beginnings than ever. Before literally beefing up action cinema, Vin Diesel was … a bouncer.

Very early on led on the stage by a father-in-law, director and theater teacher, Mark Vincent likes to play without daring to professionally devote himself to it. With his imposing physique, he works as a bouncer in upscale nightclubs in New York. It is its reputation as a “diesel engine” capable of “holding” every night, which earned it its famous nickname.

It is the money saved sufficiently that pushes Vin Diesel to give up his profession to turn definitively to the cinema. After directing his first Multi-Facial short, and getting noticed at Sundance in the cast of Strays, he will be dealing directly with Steven Spielberg for the role of Adrian Caparzo in Saving Private Ryan. His career is launched.

François-Xavier Demaison, the businessman’s blues

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...
Vinciane Pierart – Delante Films

Unlike the one in the song, this businessman has found a sense of humor by losing a sense of business. Indeed, before shining in the most frank French comedies, François-Xavier Demaison was … tax expert.

It all started under the influence of lawyer parents who offer their son the ideal course for any brilliant student who respects himself: preparatory class, law studies up to a master’s degree and entry to Sciences Po. Theater enthusiast, François-Xavier At the same time follows the free class of Cours Florent, which he abandons when he obtains his diploma. In 1998, he joined the law firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers “Landwell and Associates”, in the field of international taxation.

On a mission to New York on September 11, 2001, François-Xavier Demaison had a front row seat when the twin towers collapsed. Deeply marked by this tragedy, he questions his life and divorces his wife press officer to reconnect with his first flirtation: the stage.

There followed a show put on thanks to his savings and a decisive meeting: that of Samuel Le Bihan who produced his one man show “Demaison takes flight”. His humor opens the doors to the chronicle on France Inter (“Le Fou du roi”) then on Canal + (“Samedi pétantes”) as well as small roles in the cinema. Antoine de Caunes will reveal it to the general public by offering him the remarkable title role of Coluche, the story of a guy.

Harrison Ford, a story of boards

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...
Moonriver entertainment

Star “of” boards in the absence of “on” boards? Harrison Ford has always dreamed of theater and cinema but before being recognized in these fields as it should be, the beginner actor opted for the valiant profession of … carpenter.

From adolescence, Harrison Ford had a passion for the theater, which helped him overcome his shyness. He landed in Hollywood and distinguished himself in figures on the big screen, notably under the direction of Michelangelo Antonioni in Zabriskie Point. At the end of the 1960s, seeing that his career was struggling to take off, he decided to retrain and supplement his income: for eight years, he put his connections to good use by doing odd jobs on film sets.

It was on a cinema construction site that he met George Lucas. At a time unknown to the public, the director offered him a role in his second feature film, American Graffiti. He met him again on the same ground three years later, at the time of the casting of Star Wars: asked to give the answer to the actors coming to audition for the role of Han Solo, the carpenter seduced by his own talents as an actor. The rest, we know it well.

James Cameron, from one world to another

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...
Twentieth Century Fox France

Before directing the most original and successful worlds of science fiction cinema, James Cameron got to know the world he lives in by traveling his roads as a … trucker.

Fascinated by the ocean, this “other world” that he had not yet entered at the time, James Cameron cherished the idea of ​​practicing the profession of marine biologist. Graduated from physics studies but dissatisfied, he turned to literature, which again failed to retain his desire. Giving himself the time to better understand his vocation, the young man works as a driver of school transport and truck driver to assault the roads. In his spare time, he begins to write stories mixing fantasy and science fiction.

In 1977, Star Wars IV radiated screens and minds. Among the fans of the unmissable saga, Cameron stands out for his die-hardness. “I too have this kind of imagination in my head. I’m doing the wrong job …”, he dares to admit. Self-taught if ever there is one, the future genius of Terminator, Aliens or Titanic will leave everything to embark on the cinema and take advantage of his “geek of space” side. He was then 26 years old.

Evangéline Lilly, the change of air

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...
Action Press / Bestimage

Before crashing in a plane on the mysterious island of Lost, Evangeline Lilly frequented them up and down, strong in her profession … of flight attendant.

She grew up in a small Canadian village in a family that did not have television. Far from dreaming of the 7th art, Evangeline Lilly is more intended for humanitarian missions, which she begins to lead in the Philippines. Back home, she becomes flight attendant for Royal Airlines. A profession that she exercises without great conviction, detesting as she confided on the David Letterman show, “recycled air, low quality food and having to buy shoes that are twice your size to prevent swollen feet.”

Her slender body and angelic face attract the attention of the Ford Modeling Agency. The opportunity for the young girl to quit her job and to do small contracts used to finance her studies but also a dramatic training at the “Yaletown Actors Lab” in Vancouver. After a few appearances, especially on television, the Canadian actress will wait impatiently for the American visa allowing her to join the team (and the success) of the unforgettable series. Lost.

Olivier Marchal, the need to rule

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...
MK2 Diffusion

If he manages to give back its letters of nobility to the French thriller, it is because he has rubbed shoulders with his world closely. Before becoming a director, Olivier Marchal was indeed … a police officer.

Son of a pastry chef destined to take up the torch, Olivier Marchal feeds rather on black novels and thrillers from his father’s library. Also attracted by the theater, he learned about it during his high school studies. At 22, his passion led him to the police competition and then the Criminal Brigade of Versailles. Exhausted by the violence and misery he rubbed shoulders with, he left it two years later to join the anti-terrorism section of general intelligence.

Simon Michael, his colleague and screenwriter of Ripoux, as well as Michèle Laroque, his companion at the time, will give him a taste for cinema and help him take the plunge. Inspector at night, he takes acting lessons at the Conservatory during the day … He resigns the day when the cinema (and more precisely the thriller Do not wake up a sleeping cop) allows him to embody on the screen what he was in town. From his acting (Low Profile, Do not tell anyone), his scripts (Commissioner Moulin, Braquo) and his staging (Gangsters, 36 Quai des Orfèvres), he nourishes the experience brought to him by his first job.

Fabrice Luchini, from chisel to chasing

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...

Before cutting the hair in four, this artist of the verb shampooed and smoothed them. In his early days, Fabrice Luchini was indeed … a hairdresser.

As a child, he auctioned fruit and vegetables from his parents’ store. From the age of 14, this son of Italian immigrants became an apprentice hairdresser under the leadership of his mother, who placed him in a chic salon on avenue Matignon. Lover of music and literature, Fabrice Luchini did not finish his studies, preferring to immediately take on active life. It is in a nightclub, at the age of 18, that he will be spotted by Philippe Labro, director of his first role in Everything can happen.

The following year he shot in Le Genou de Claire under the direction of Eric Rohmer, while taking theater lessons with the famous Jean-Laurent Cochet. Promising beginnings in the cinema which were not enough to keep it alive. At 25, he became a hairdresser again: “I didn’t have the talent of the people who trained me” (…) “It feels weird to do brushings again when you were the main actor in a film with Michel Bouquet,” he then confided to Télérama.

It is Rohmer who will allow him to really leave everything to devote himself only to the game. Finally encouraged by his father who admires his performance in Perceval Le Gallois, he breaks with his auxiliary job and experiences two years of unemployment. For a long time too marked by the image of a dandy with fine speeches Rohmérien (which still makes him famous today), he will seduce a less confidential public with La Discrète by Christian Vincent and Tout ça pour ça by Claude Lelouch.

Lilou Fogli: from numbers to letters

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...

Before using the words and the script of the comedy A little, much, blindly, Lilou Fogli played with the figures, strong of his trade of trader in derivative products.

It is in front of Casablanca and the legendary Ingrid Bergman that Lilou Fogli made his first dreams of cinema. The baccalaureate in her pocket, she is nevertheless still too young to fulfill her desires and turns, to reassure her parents, to studies in finance. With a master’s degree and an MBA, she became a derivatives trader. A profession that she practices shortly before deciding to follow her heart and more precisely, courses at the prestigious Actor’s Studio Drama School from New York.

After having played in the theater across the Atlantic, the apprentice actress returned to France and stood out in the cinema (Pure weekend alongside Kad Merad or Victor not far from Pierre Richard) as well as on television (Brigade Navarro or Braquo). Loving to write for her pleasure, she is also encouraged by her companion Clovis Cornillac, to whom she offers the screenplay of A little, much, blindly, born from her own experience as a student tenant in Paris. Lilou Fogli is thus an actress and co-writer of the French comedian’s first production.

Dino Risi, the edge of the scalpel

Vin diesel, harrison ford, james cameron... They left everything for the cinema! - news...
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Before putting the company to the scalpel, he learned to use the instrument in a more concrete way. Director Dino Risi indeed started out as … a doctor and then a psychiatrist.

Son of a doctor, graduated with a Doctorate in Medicine, Dino Risi specialized in psychiatry at the same time as he tried his hand at film criticism. Passionate about cinema from childhood, he frequented the sets of his friend Alberto Lattuada and his Midnight Wedding, as an assistant. Without thinking of going any further, the future filmmaker practiced psychiatry in his country during his first thirty years.

The Second World War led him to Switzerland and his passion for cinema to attend Jacques Feyder’s directing classes. From 1946, he tried his hand at scriptwriting and directing documentaries, using his diagnostic science to analyze his country like a body damaged by war. He will definitely establish himself in the cinema world with his first feature, Vacanze col gangster.

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