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The Norwegian film “Viking Wolf” is number one on Netflix in France. The final scene opens up to various interpretations, but which ones exactly? Explanations.

Viking Wolf follows in the footsteps of Troll. Like its predecessor, the Norwegian film on the myth of the werewolf rose to first place in the Netflix ranking in France, but also in 23 other countries. A great feat for this release which did not benefit from any promotion.

Between horror and fantasy, this thriller follows the story of a family who has just moved to a new city. One evening of full moon, the teenager, Thale, witnesses a terrible attack provoked by a beast. Although she managed to get away, the victim was bitten. While the police first think of a wolf, everything suggests that the creature is not a simple wild animal.

If it does not revolutionize the werewolf film, Viking Wolf remains an honest entertainment which has the particularity of offering an intrigue in Norway, a country where myths are kings. After a thrilling finale, the feature film ends with a scene that leaves the viewer free to make their own interpretation. Warning, spoilers.

In the last part of the film, Thale, bitten by the werewolf, ends up transforming. The creature goes after the townspeople while his own mother, Liv, a police officer, tries to stop him. During the confrontation, the beast, already weakened, bites his arm. Trapped, Liv is eventually saved by her other daughter, Jenny, who administers a tranquilizer arrow to the werewolf.


Subsequently, the body of the creature is brought back to a hospital, under surveillance. Liv walks up to the one who was once her daughter. To shorten her suffering and knowing that she will never be able to find her child, she loads her weapon with a silver bullet. But as she prepares to shoot, the scene ends with a black screen.

A final sequence concludes the film. Liv returns home, heads to her room, and places a silver bullet in front of Thale’s photo. From then on, it is up to the viewer to decide: is it the same silver beauty as the previous scene? Has the character of the mother finally decided to spare her daughter? This is one of two possible theories.

The other hypothesis is that Liv did indeed shoot her daughter to prevent another tragedy. Bitten on the arm, the mother in turn becomes the next person likely to turn into a werewolf. The silver bullet on her bedside might as well be for herself, waiting for her to turn into a monster.

First released in cinemas in Norway, Viking Wolf was not thought of as the start of a franchise, but given its success on Netflix, a sequel could perhaps see the light of day.

Viking Wolf is available on Netflix.

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