Vigil sur Arte: what is this British thriller with Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie worth (Game of …

Arte is broadcasting this Thursday evening the first episodes of “Vigil”, a thriller behind closed doors taken by Suranne Jones and Rose Leslie, which sees a cop being sent to a military submarine to investigate a suspicious death.

What is it about ?

How does the disappearance of a Scottish fishing trawler and the death of an individual aboard a nuclear submarine cause a conflict between the local police, the Royal Navy and the British intelligence services?

Thursday January 12 and 19 on Arte and available until February 18 on

Who is it with?

Created by Tom Edge and produced by the producers of Bodyguard, Vigil brings together a 5-star cast, with Suranne Jones at the top of the list, who plays investigator Amy Silva. The British actress has notably distinguished herself in Doctor Foster and Gentleman Jack, two critically acclaimed series.

At his side, Game of Thrones fans can find Rose Leslie (Ygrid), who will help Amy on earth, and Stephen Dillane (Stannis Baratheon).

Morse’s Investigations star Shaun Evans is also a part of the cast, as is Connor Swindells, who we recently got to see in Sex Education. Paterson Joseph (Timeless), Gary Lewis (Colum MacKenzie in Outlander) and Adam James (Band of Brothers) complete the cast.

Well worth a look ?

If there is one area in which English productions excel, it is detective series. Broadchurch, The Fall, Luther, Bodyguard and so many others left their mark and still remain references in the field today. And Vigil is no exception.

Coming straight from the brain of Tom Edge, a screenwriter who previously worked on The Crown, this 6-part miniseries is a gripping and rhythmic thriller whose originality lies in a major twist: the investigation that must lead the character played by Suranne Jones takes place in a nuclear submarine (claustrophobic abstain).

The investigator, who must face the unwillingness of the Royal Navy and especially its inability to communicate with the surface, the building having to remain invisible to the eyes of the enemies, will send one of his former colleagues / lovers, so that she assists him in his investigation by gathering information on the mainland. Information that she will have to send him by coded message so as not to be intercepted by those in charge of the submarine.

Vigil sur arte: what is this british thriller with suranne jones and rose leslie worth (game of...
World Productions

Rose Leslie and Reuben Joseph

Over the episodes, and as the suspects multiply, Amy Silva and her teammates will discover that they are not just dealing with a simple murder case … True success across the Channel, the series has become the most watched from Bodyguard, the writers of Vigil offer us here a complex plot, with many cogs, which succeeds in never getting lost despite the many twists and turns that punctuate the series.

If the quality of Vigil lies in its particularly captivating scenario (just the opening scene is worth the detour), the cast of the series is not to be outdone. Suranne Jones is perfect in the role of this investigator victim of anxiety attacks, on antidepressants and completely foreign to the military environment, who will have to face her traumas in order to find out what really happened in this sub- marine.

In short, Vigil is a captivating and thrilling thriller based on a five-star cast, which keeps us in suspense from start to finish thanks to its intrigues which mix with skill geopolitics and espionage while offering us deep and well-constructed characters.

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