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Video shows man saving his wife from bobcat by grabbing and hurling it across lawn

A viral video captured a rabid bobcat being hurled across a lawn by a man after the feral feline attacked his wife in Burgaw, North Carolina.

It was the morning of April 9, and Kristi and Happy Wade were preparing to take their cat, Caroline Faith, to the veterinarian, NBC affiliate WECT reported.

A video shared Thursday on Twitter showed the two leaving their home and preparing to get inside their SUV in their driveway as a wild cat springs into view.

“As I came out of our garage, I heard a growl behind or beside one of our cars and I knew it was a cat because I know what a cat sounds like,” Kristi told the station. “But it sounded like a very angry cat.”

Kristi can be heard screaming as the bobcat springs into view and jumps onto her, video showed. Happy appears to run to his wife’s aide, pull the bobcat off her body and hold the cat at arm’s length as the animal writhes in his hands.

“Oh my god, it’s a bobcat! Oh my god!” he screamed, tossing the animal several feet across his lawn. The 46-second clip cuts out after Happy appears to pull out a small handgun as the bobcat runs away.

Shortly after the video ended, Happy shot the bobcat at least once before the cat was eventually killed by law enforcement, according to WECT. The Pender County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the April 9 killing of the bobcat, which was sent to a state lab in Raleigh where it “tested positive for rabies.”

The Wade couple has since undergone treatment for rabies and received more than 30 shots each, the station reported.

“I’m not happy that this happened, we don’t take any pleasure that I shot the cat,” Happy said, adding that he and his wife are animal lovers who have one rescue dog and two rescue cats.

Kristi said she was a grateful for her husband’s intervention.

“He saved my life. I don’t know where I’d be or what sort of shape I’d be in had he not been there,” she said. “It could have been so much worse it could have been one of the little girls that lives just a few houses down.”

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