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Judith Chemla posted on her Instagram account photos of her swollen face following the attack last year by her ex-husband. A publication to send a message to victims of domestic violence “never withdraw a complaint”.

Victim of domestic violence, actress judith chemla speaks - actus ciné

Currently in the casting of the film Michael Leclerc, Taste and colorsand soon on the bill of Simone, the trip of the centurywhere she plays Milou, the sister of Simone Veil, Judith Chemla posted on his Instagram account photos of his swollen face following the assault of his ex-companion 1 year ago.

Supposed to come to present the film My brothers and me of her spouse Yohan Manca at the Cannes Film Festival in July 2021, the actress had finally canceled her visit. The American magazine Variety then revealed that Judith Chemla had been attacked by her companion.

LCI says the actress filed two lawsuits that culminated in an eight-month probationary sentence last May for domestic violence, harassment and trespassing.

A year after her assault, the actress returns to the facts and denounces the pressure that her former spouse, and father of her daughter, continues to exert on her. She writes in her post:

A year ago my face was injured, blue, purple under my eye, I saw myself deformed. A year ago I looked at my face in the mirror and I knew that I could no longer hide my face. My daughter’s father.

Those who are able to do that must be out of harm’s way. But how ? I’m not ashamed of this photo. But he should be ashamed, he should be ashamed today, a year later, instead of continuing to pressure me, to think that he still has the means to manipulate me, instead of rotting my child’s head he should be ashamed and quiet, really seeking forgiveness. This is not the case.

I have so much evidence that he keeps trying to harm me. Go back to the police station a third time? Filing a 3rd complaint in 1 year? Being in the film industry, and having the sword of Damocles with an 8-month suspended prison sentence… isn’t that enough?

I am exhausted. What does it take to make him leave me alone? Really go to jail? He will still play the victim with my daughter and she will suffer from not seeing her father.

That I keep this to myself? He will still feel above the law will continue to complain and challenge court decisions with his 5-year-old daughter, whom he sees as a normal father who he is not. He will continue to believe that he is able to pressure me and bully me morally.

I can not stand it anymore. I demand to have peace. Is it clearer like this ?

“Do not be afraid”

Many personalities such as Geraldine Nakache, Reda Kateb, Nora Hamzawi, Nicholas MauryClara Luciani, Manu Payet, Céline Sallette or even Juliette Armanet have given their support to the actress and salute her courage to speak out on domestic violence and harassment.

Asked today about France InterJudith Chemla thanks people for their support and explains that she published the photos of her face in order to send a message to the victims: “Ladies, don’t be afraid, never withdraw a complaint you have filed. You will be intimidated. I was intimidated, I was made to feel guilty. (…) The fight is to lodge a complaint, to fight for your children.”

Warning, this article contains spoilers on episode 7 of season 3 of The Boys!

If Black Noir has always been as silent as it is mysterious, the 3rd season of The Boys, currently streaming on Prime Video, revealed some secrets about the character. In episode 3 in particular, flashbacks showed him in his youth when he was part of the Payback team and no longer wanted to hide under a mask.

But after an operation that had gone wrong, he was discovered completely disfigured. A turning point in his life which the 7th episode returned to during sequences where the Super is surrounded by animated animals, such as Snow White. A concept that greatly amused the creator of the series, Eric Kripke.

To TVLinethe latter also explained why he decided to integrate animated characters into his plot: “If there’s an idiosyncratic way to tell a story, I take it because it’s a lot more fun to think outside the box and tell something uniquely. This idea that when Black is alone, he is like Snow White, with cute animals flying around him, made me laugh..”

Imaginary friends present from the beginning

On the run since knowing that Soldier Boy is alive, Black Noir therefore takes refuge in an abandoned Buster Beaver restaurant (parody of the American chain Chuck E. Cheese), whose mascots come to life.

When you look at all the layers of this cartoon, there are these animated characters that only he can see and that he can probably see since season 1. They’ve been around him this whole time. That’s clearly what we’re implying in this episode.”, admits the screenwriter in an interview with variety.

Victim of domestic violence, actress judith chemla speaks - actus ciné
Prime Video

And to add about the animals: “They are adorable, right? I kept saying it would be like Martin Scorsese realized Snow White. Lovable Disney characters, but whose bodies are realistically anatomically deformed from beatings, the way a real human body reacts when exposed to this kind of violence. And it’s an explosive combination.

A brutal reconstruction

Indeed, it is these animated characters who reenact the scene which had not been shown in episode 3: the one where Soldier Boy’s comrades gang up on him to deliver him to the Russians but not before he arrives at his death. take on Noir very, very violently, to the point of disfiguring him forever, forcing him to never take off his mask again.

And it may be animation, you have to have a strong heart to watch this particularly bloody sequence! Note also that the imaginary friends of Black Noir then come to greet the public in a very short post-credits scene.

Victim of domestic violence, actress judith chemla speaks - actus ciné
Prime Video

Eric Kripke also took advantage of the bustling scene to develop Homelander’s friend, as he states: “We wanted to explore Noir’s origins and really reveal who he was and where he came from. In flashbacks, he was a young, handsome superhero with aspirations of becoming the next Eddie Murphybut he was targeted by Soldier Boy in such extreme ways that he ended up being really physically deformed.

In our minds, once he recovered from his injuries and put the mask back on, he only very rarely took it off, Darth Vader style. None of this is natural. And we played with that. When he is in this restaurant, does he take off his mask? But why would he? He’s so ashamed of who he’s become that it just doesn’t fit.

To find out if Soldier Boy will finally find Black Noir to make him pay for his betrayal, go to Prime Video this Friday, July 8.

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