Very Cat Trip: Tarek Boudali, Alison Wheeler, Kyan Khojandi and Ahmed Sylla campaign for the SPA

Very Cat Trip: Tarek Boudali, Alison Wheeler, Kyan Khojandi and Ahmed Sylla campaign for the SPA

This summer, the SPA is mobilizing to raise awareness about the abandonment of animals, with an offbeat campaign focused on cats. A positive animated film, carried by 4 famous actors and which takes a fresh look at the cause. Zoom on this project in the hair.

“A trauma, a cat, claws, a family, a trip… It doesn’t bode well… Will this summer be like any other? You will find out on June 8 ” . Here is the synopsis of Very Cat Trip, mysterious film announced at the end of May and which foreshadowed a revelation the following days. Something promised, something due: it is actually the new big campaign of the SPA against the abandonment of animals during holidays.

As summer sets in on our calendar and we can finally plan the summer holidays, it is the beginning of a phase of anxiety for our pets. Summer abandonment strikes again and again more particularly on the side of the tomcats. The SPA, collects 70% more cats compared to 2011. In question: the received ideas that persist, such as the fact that only dogs are abandoned or that cats can fend for themselves …

Very Cat Trip: when the SPA raises morale without a “twink”

Rather than a new campaign focused on dogs, the Société Protectrice des Animaux therefore wanted to make an impression by placing the cat at the heart of this new and innovative project: an animated film, by Vincent Gibaud (La nuit je danse avec death, Indestructible). Very Cat Trip tackles this sensitive subject from a new angle, addressing both adults and children.

Exit the guilty and moralizing tone: Very Cat Trip emphasizes positivity with a quirky paw, shining its spotlight on those who do not abandon their animals rather than highlighting those who do. A luminous and light work to contrast with the cruelty of the subject, produced with the complicity of four personalities well known to the public.

A cast licked to fight against summer abandonment

Renowned for their quirky humor and appreciated by spectators, Alison Wheeler, Kyan Khojandi, Ahmed Sylla, and Tarek Boudali, have indeed lent their voices to the characters of Very Cat Trip, namely the mother, the father, Tomy, not to mention the star from the film: the adorable Grisou. A quartet who did not hesitate to unite to form this lively family and thus give precious advice to approach his holidays accompanied by his fur ball.


Every summer, our association must push the walls to welcome the victims of masters who choose the easy way by abandoning their pet. It is important to remember that this is not an act without consequences and that it is a crime, explains Jacques-Charles Fombonne, volunteer president of the SPA. This campaign aims to empower owners and show that it is possible to organize their vacations taking their animal into account. Because it is our duty to find solutions to avoid the drama of abandonment. ”

Some figures on the SPA:

  • More than 45,000 animals collected each year, 15,000 during the summer in its 62 shelters, 2/3 of which are cats.
  • The SPA has taken in more than 220,000 cats since 2010.
  • The collection of cats at the SPA is still increasing by 40% over the first five months compared to 2020.
  • 40% of cats are euthanized for no medical reason if they end up in a municipal pound and the kittens have almost no chance of getting out.
  • 80% of euthanasia in municipal pounds is carried out on cats.

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