Vampire Diaries: a hero of The Mandalorian was almost in the casting

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The actor Pedro Pascal, who slips under the armor of the “Mandalorian”, almost played one of the main roles of “The Originals”, the spin-off of the series “Vampire Diaries”.

Vampire diaries: a hero of the mandalorian was almost in the casting
Bob Mahoney / The CW
Pedro Pascal in the credits of the Vampire Diaries franchise? It came close … The one who slips under the costume of the Mandalorian has indeed passed an audition for the role of Marcel Gerard. The character, finally played by Charles Michael Davis, appeared in an episode of the flagship series and then became for five seasons one of the heroes of the spin-off The Originals.

“One of the people who competed with Charles Michael Davis for this role was Pedro Pascal, whom I adored”, says Julie Plec, producer of Vampire Diaries, at the Entertainment Weekly microphone. “He obsessed me, but he was just too old.” In 2013, at the time of the tests, Pedro Pascal was 38 years old while Charles Michael Davis was a decade younger.

Julie Plec, who, in fangirl mode, was the only one who wanted Pascal for the role of Klaus’ former protégé and adopted son Mikaelson, finally realized: “Charles had a boastful side, and it took someone like that to grow and breathe in the same environment as Klaus.”

After failing at the gates of Vampire Diaries, Pedro Pascal will quickly fall back on his feet by obtaining the same year the role of Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones. Then that of the Mandalorian in the Disney + series of the same name.

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Vampire diaries: a hero of the mandalorian was almost in the casting

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