Valérie Lemercier absent from Visitors 2 after a "difficult" experience on the first film - Cinema News

Valérie Lemercier absent from Visitors 2 after a “difficult” experience on the first film – Cinema News

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Clement Cuyer


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Why has Valérie Lemercier not found her character of Béatrice de Montmirail in “The Visitors 2: The Corridors of Time”, broadcast this Thursday evening on TMC? Last February, the actress delivered a piece of explanation.

In The Visitors 2: The Corridors of Time, broadcast this Thursday evening on TMC, Muriel Robin slips into the costumes of Béatrice de Montmirail. And not Valérie Lemercier, who played the character a few years earlier in the first installment of the saga. Why hasn’t she stacked up? In an interview granted last February at the microphone of France Culture, the actress gave the beginning of an answer.

It was hard. Jean-Marie Poiré wanted it to be good and he was not happy with me“, said Valérie Lemercier in Emilie Aubry’s A Naked Voice podcast, words relayed by our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. After filming for the filmmaker in Operation Corned Beef, the actress had met with great success on stage. “Probably I had taken a little melon from playing alone for nine months“, she concedes.

Jean-Marie Poiré came to see me in the evening and said “What’s going on? You’re not funny”“, continues the actress.”It was not easy. As they were playing incredible stuff, I was normal in the film since it’s through normal people that we manage to make people believe that there is someone coming from another century. “

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After such a difficult filming, Valérie Lemercier will therefore not resume her role in The Visitors 2. But her performance on the screen has nonetheless seduced. “I was ashamed of everything I did in the movie, but the production manager called me and said, “I just saw the movie and actually you are in it!” “, she concludes.

The Visitors will be a huge public success with nearly 13.8 million spectators attending. Figures that still make it the fifth biggest success in French cinema today.

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