V The Visitors: how does it end?

V The Visitors how does it end

Although its broadcast was short-lived, the “V” franchise marked the world of science fiction forever. But how does it end? If you didn’t follow everything well or if your memory challenges you, we tell you the end of the series.

Warning, spoilers. The following article reveals key plot points of V as well as its ending.

V: The Visitors, it is first of all a set of mini-series seen as allegories of the Second World War and the Cold War. There was thus V, the original (1983) in two parts of approximately 100 minutes, V, the Final battle (1984) composed of 3 episodes of 90 minutes, and V, the series (1984-1985), a season of 19 chapters of 45 minutes.

It was on March 22, 1985 that V, the series broadcast the last episode of what was then thought to be only its first season…wrongly! This is especially its last episode since it will not be renewed. The alien invasion of Earth by the carnivorous race of reptilians known as the “Visitors” thus comes to a premature end ending on a frustrating cliffhanger. We remind you how.


While James (Judson Scott) and his troops dominate the Resistance, Phillip (Frank Ashmore) orders the Visitors to cease all hostilities and return to the Mothership. The Resistance then discovers that the invaders have reached a global ceasefire and the majority of them are withdrawing from Earth. Via Elizabeth (Jennifer Cooke), we learn that their Leader is on his way to Earth to negotiate peace and that he has asked the latter and the Resistance to go to the Mothership.


Diana (Jane Badler) and James, they do not agree with this truce and decide to prolong the war by arming the energy swords of Phillip and Donovan (Mark Singer) in a supposedly non-lethal duel. When this attempt fails, Diana blackmails James into assassinating the Chief by blowing up the latter’s ship by his own troops.

When the destroyed shuttle turns out to be a decoy, Diana stages a coup and tries to make the Mothership’s fusion reactors self-destruct in order to kill all the passengers on it and destroy Earth right after. But the Chief, through Elizabeth and by telepathy, prevents the self-destruction.


When the leader – whom we never see – arrives on Earth, Diana and James are captured. Elizabeth, meanwhile, boards the Leader’s shuttle to return to the Visitors’ home world to secure peace.

The episode – and the series – end there on a cliffhanger: Kyle (Jeff Yager) is hidden in the ship in which Elizabeth and the Chief travel, a shuttle which also contains on board a “partner gift” from Diana… Indeed, on Earth, the latter reveals that she planted a bomb in the device. Will it explode or not? That, alas, we will not know!


Although the show was canceled in March 1985, production sets sat in storage for some time as talks took place to bring the saga to a proper conclusion. Among the options explored were a final TV movie or miniseries.

At the time, several scenarios were discussed: the Resistance traveling to the Visitors’ homeworld and trying to stop Diana from assassinating the Leader or an exploration of the aftermath of the peace treaty in which the intransigent U.S. government imposes harsh conditions for Visitors who choose to stay after their race leaves, leading the Resistance to ally with them.

In 1989, a series of suites was proposed by J. Michael Straczynski entitled “V: The Next Chapter” but it will not see the light of day in the end. A reboot, with Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin, will be broadcast in 2009 on ABC before the channel cancels the series after 2 seasons. V thus seems to be only made to last in the memories of her most devoted fans.

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