US Marshals on NRJ 12: Why Did Robert Downey Jr. Hate Making This Movie?

“US Marshals” airs tonight on NRJ12. On this occasion, small focus on this painful experience for Robert Downey Jr., one of the three main actors in this action film released in 1998.

US Marshals, released in 1998, is a spin-off of The Fugitive, a breathtaking thriller directed by Harrison Ford. The film was one of the great successes of 1993. It hit the box office, collecting $ 368 million in revenues worldwide for an estimated budget of $ 44 million.

US Marshals has a plot similar to the Andrew Davis film since it is again about an innocent being chased by Tommy Lee Jones. This time, it’s Wesley Snipes who plays the fugitive seeking by all means to prove his innocence.


Robert Downey Jr., 32 at the time of filming, plays the third main character: DSS Special Agent John Royce. The actor, who was a regular heroin user at the time, confided shortly after the feature’s release that it was his worst filming experience:

“This is probably the worst action movie of all time, and it’s really not good for maintaining good mental condition. You are having a horrible year, you are on the verge of suicide, what? what do you think would be beneficial for you? Maybe twelve weeks running with a gun in your hand? “, thundered the actor, without tongue in cheek!

“I think if you told a spirit guide about this, he would say, ‘This is going to kill you.’ I thought I was missing something, and that it would be good if I played in a movie that might appeal. to my children. But the experience turned out to be depressing. I would rather wake up in prison than wake up again on the set of US Marshals “, he added, visibly marked by this painful experience.

Us marshals on nrj 12: why did robert downey jr. Hate making this movie?



After leaving US Marshals, Robert Downey Jr. spent about a year behind bars. He served a sentence in the California prison of Corcoran for yet another narcotics offense. The actor was really at the bottom of the hole at the time. He finally managed to quit drugs in the early 2000s. Legend has it that he had an epiphany after eating a disgusting burger. It would have been so bad that the actor thought he would never harm his body again by absorbing harmful substances.

In 2005, the actor relaunched in the cinema by giving the reply to Val Kilmer in the critically acclaimed buddy movie Kiss kiss, bang bang. Three years later, he was propelled to the limelight thanks to Iron Man and his $ 586 million in worldwide revenue. The rest, we know it. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the New York native has become one of the most popular and highest paid actors in the world.

If The Fugitive had worked well at the box office, US Marshals did much less well since it brought only 102 million for a budget of 60. In France, it painfully reached the score of 451,575 entries. By comparison, the film starring Harrison Ford significantly outperformed its spin-off, drawing 3.5 million viewers.


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