US intelligence report warns Afghan women’s rights at risk after troop withdrawal

And the counsel of the National to him who understands, who had set out in these two things, assessed the past, in recent decades, to the ‘most likely to lead to more pressure than outside support of the domestic debt, after the removal of the insert which they would be in danger of some kind and the Taliban in the effort to reverse it. “

“Although the Taliban’s fall officially ended, some policies (restricting the rights of women), and many continue in practice to government-controlled areas,” as stated.

Duo-pagina famam, declassified ad petitionem a Senator Johanna Wallemia, praebet truci assessionem in timoribus de monte de potential libidinum contumelias turpitudinesque dura-parta mulieres iura in Afghanistan cum US et Consociationem ex viribus primo coeperunt post duos fere decades in terra . Bipartisan lawmakers, activists and women from the Afghan government negotiating team expressly acquires undercut, especially if he becomes in the State without a seat, and to the extent that the United States wishes Biden administration will remain in the presence of representatives from the earth.

“Afghanistan is no progress by the end of Taliban rule in St meeting international standards for the conditions was that their ladies-cultural norms and the results of conflict,” wrote the authors of the report, noting that progress is widely centered “in the cities and ethnic minority enclaves where there is less violence women more freedom and rule of the Taliban. “

“C. less pronounced in rural areas, where nearly 70 percent of Afghans live “and report it.” Nationwide, stoning sentences for adultery to continue child marriage and rape victims killed by relatives for shaming their families. “

Foreign policy was the first assessment report on the NIC.

A US intelligence report first, who assessed the Afghan government, without government support do not need to assign an international military President Joe Biden said he would leave on September 11.

Biden administration officials have warned that Taliban is illegitimate, not wanting people achieve power by force or by limiting the rights of women’s rights.

“If the Taliban have no hope of getting any acceptable is not to be considered a pariah, it’s going to have to respect the rights of women and girls,” Secretary of State Tony blinken said in an interview with ABC News in the middle of April. “Every nation backwards, which moves them, and tries to creep in those who do not have international recognition for what the state and, indeed, will do the best of our ability to be able to do.”

However, the NIC report found that while the Taliban’s “ambition aid and legitimacy to marginally modify their behavior at the time,” that is likely to be “the first time in reestablishing their Emirate, the Taliban probably to focus on stretching the government in its own words” .

Have access to the report on women’s rights has changed is not the Taliban’s weapons

It assessed by the Taliban’s access to women’s rights have not changed, that “if the Taliban again Afghanistan is serious, the things that prospect of safety for moderating the group’s policies towards women lying on the ethnic minorities, the ability to maintain local variation and technological progress is the Taliban’s rule: prior “.

This page was last week, a bipartisan care for the senators of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate, with a loud-voiced for backslide on women’s rights in the US in Afghanistan, and in the potential for the reconciliation of a hearing, and of the Special Representative in Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad last week,

“We have worked for two decades alongside our allies to advance the rights of not just women and girls, but other ethnic minorities in Afghanistan. And we can not let those two decades of hard work be ignored in peace talks. We owe it to hard-fought by women and girls that their rights are protected, “said Shaheen, a Democratic California and the only woman on the committee. “Sadly, I believe it … deadline for the withdrawal of our forces in Afghanistan danger of those efforts.”

Khalilzad said to be “very important that (he) personally,” having played “a small role and the ambassador to Afghanistan in the early 2000s in encouraging the adoption of constitutional provisions which have greatly contributed to the rights of women,” combating the inclusion of women in the Islamic Republic team’s of peace. “

When the Afghan women will finally have a seat at the peace talks.  # 39 Don abandon us t

“We are also pressing for women’s inclusion in all future peace efforts,” he said.

In a CNN opinion piece published after Biden’s withdrawal announcement and three members of the Afghan government negotiating team warned that “if the Taliban does not believe the United States is firmly committed to a stable and democratic Afghanistan that could spell trouble us in future talks” .

“While Taliban laugh as women human rights standards set out an agenda in Western capitals are bad. The risk to themselves and their colleagues remains true enough to pose to us, “Dr. Habiba Sarabia and Fawzi kooft Sharifa Zurmati wrote.

“We march because they do not know what the inclusive Afghanistan only way to a true and just peace and the end of the war. We are not only women of all walks of life do not want to return to the age in which their fundamental rights count for nothing,” he wrote .

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