US box office: Timid starts for Old and Snake Eyes

US box office: Timid starts for Old and Snake Eyes

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The American box office is at half mast! Old takes the lead with just $ 16.5 million in revenue. However, the film allows itself to beat Snake Eyes, a GI Joe spin-off, which starts well below the other films in the saga.

Us box office: timid starts for old and snake eyes
Us box office. Universal pictures international france


Yes Old sign the best start of the weekend on American soil, it does not do it brilliantly! With $ 16.5 million raised, the new M. Night Shyamalan should largely repay its budget of $ 18 million.

Nevertheless, it does less well than the director’s previous feature films, Split and Glass, which started around 40 million. Even The Visit, which was not carried by well-known names, had done much better (25 million).

On the second step of the podium, we find Snake Eyes (French release on August 18) with 13.3 million dollars collected. A disappointment when we know that its budget is estimated at 88 million. Robert Schwentke’s film also starts well below the previous feature films of the GI Joe saga (Le Réveil du Cobra won $ 54.7 million for its first weekend in 2009 and Conspiracy 40.5 in 2013) .

For his part, Black widow come back in front Space Jam 2, which fell by 69% compared to its first weekend of operation which had been rather good. The Marvel movie has now surpassed $ 150 million in revenue. It’s the first feature film to get to this point so quickly since the start of the pandemic.

It remains to be seen whether the rather disappointing figures for this weekend are due to the films offered that do not interest the public, to the fear of the Delta variant which pushes Americans not to go to theaters or to the fact that many of the Showing feature films are also available on streaming platforms.

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