US box office: Space Jam 2 easily takes the lead

With more than $ 30 million recorded for its first weekend of operation, Space Jam – New Era takes the lead at the US box office. Relegated to second place, Black Widow suffered a heavy fall.

Us box office: space jam 2 easily takes the lead
Warner Bros France


If the French have to wait two more days before discovering Space Jam – New Era on the big screen, Americans turned out in large numbers this weekend to follow the adventures of basketball player LeBron James in the land of Looney Tunes.

The film has already grossed $ 31.65 million. That’s more than Warner expected, especially since the feature was also available for free to HBO Max subscribers. This is the best start for a family film since the start of the pandemic.

In second place, Black widow fall quite violently after his record last weekend. By garnering “only” 26.3 million additional dollars, the feature film carried by Scarlett Johansson undergoes a decrease of 67% in one week. It’s the biggest drop for an MCU movie, but that doesn’t stop Black Widow from already surpassing the infamous $ 100 million mark in revenue.

In third position, we find a novelty: Escape Game 2 – The World is a Trap which totals $ 8.8 million, almost 10 million less than the first episode of this horrific franchise … Fast & Furious 9 of the podium will land in our theaters on August 11.

Space Jam Trailer – New Era

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